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PITTSFIELD, Massachusetts – What is the average precipitation in the Berkshires in the spring? How many career successes has David Ortiz had? Who played Miss Scarlet in Clue?

Most of us don’t know the answers by heart. Whenever we are faced with a question like this, we pull out our phones and Google the answers. Whatever your question, Google probably has the answer.

(Almost 48 inches per year. 2472. Lesley Ann Warren.)

Google particularly shines with local searches: where can I buy a cheeseburger? Who has the best coffee in town? Is there a plumber near me?

This is because Google is committed to providing local search results, which is useful when searching for local stores, services or information. You won’t get results from a business 800 miles away when there is a local option nearby.

So how does this help your business fill vacancies?

Because people will go to Google and search for jobs.

“Maintenance Supervisor Jobsâ€. “Accountant jobs near me. »« Jobs for HVAC service technicians. “

“Today more than ever, employers are struggling to fill vacancies,†said Melodie Sinopoli, regional manager of classified solutions and services for The Berkshire Eagle. “They are looking to maximize their reach to potential candidates and fill vacancies in less time while reducing the cost per hire.”

In other words, if you want your job postings to rank well on Google, you need to post them on a website that already has a good reputation and is a trusted source of information for Google.

This is where we come in.

The Berkshire Eagle and its partner newspapers publish job vacancies on our ShopLocal Jobs websites, which Google indexes. This means that your job postings rank well on Google when people search for a particular job posting.

“Right now is the time to hire,†Sinopoli said. “Unemployment benefits are coming to an end and it’s really a market of job seekers. We can help you reach more candidates with our combined reach of local online and print newspapers and the power of the largest digital job boards. “

How ShopLocal Jobs makes it easier to hire employees

You can improve the chances of ranking a website or web page on Google through search engine optimization (SEO). It’s the art and science of telling Google what your website and every individual page is about.

If you can do it well enough and show Google that you are creating reliable and trustworthy information, they are more likely to place your pages at the top of search results. And since The Berkshire Eagle is already a trusted source, our pages are more likely to show up.

A few years ago, we launched ShopLocal and ShopLocal Jobs to use our digital platform to promote local businesses online. We wanted to go further in the power of digital since we are already a news content provider.

The idea behind ShopLocal Jobs is that when companies post job vacancies, we use our reputation and SEO ranking to catapult the job into search results, making it easier to find job seekers.

When someone searches for an HVAC technician in Pittsfield or a receptionist job in Lee, a job board usually pops up. These job boards are usually filled with all kinds of job postings which can be overwhelming for some people. But our vacancies also appear and occupy those spots at the top of search results as well, making it easier to find them.

“We found several online ad results this week listed on Google’s job site, with a direct link to our own job website,†said Pam Baird, vice president of solutions digital customer service for WEHAA.

Some of these research results included:

Lenox MA preschool teacher: 1st job listed.

RN Pittsfield MA nurse: 6th job listed

Pittsfield MA delivery driver: 4th position listed

Choir Director for Sheffield MA School: 1st job listed

Adams MA financial assistant job: 1st job listed

These other job boards tend to be quite expensive and with head offices in another part of the country. Additionally, you may need to post on every job board just to grab the attention of your local candidates.

But by posting your vacancies on ShopLocal Jobs, you get a more affordable rate, you are also supporting a local business that is dedicated to supporting local businesses.

“Our digital solution functionality has search engine optimization benefits, a digital landing page with searchable directory data and click-to-apply functionality so potential candidates can apply in real time,†said said Sinopoli. “You can also share your job posting on social media, and there are links to your website and / or career page.”

The Berkshire Eagle is also partnering with Monster and Recruitology, which helps attract job seekers to area-specific job boards and affiliate groups such as veterans, recent college graduates, and diversity.

How ShopLocal Jobs helps SEO

If you want to better understand how it works, it helps to know how SEO works. So we’re going to give you a quick SEO lesson for your own website. It can help you understand why The Berkshire Eagle continually ranks among the best for its content.

For starters, Google operates under the “Content is king†philosophy, a philosophy first expressed by Bill Gates in 1996.

This means that Google is always on the lookout for content: written work, videos, photos, podcasts, or anything else you can think of. If it’s content, Google wants it. And one of the things they want the most is written content.

(The second thing they want the most is video content. This is why YouTube, which is owned by Google, is so popular.)

“The content of advertisers’ ads plays a central role in search ranking, as does competition for the position, location of the job and the impact on competition,†said Baird.

The more content you create, the more Google search engines will visit your website to see what new information they can find. The more they visit, the higher your content will be ranked. So, if you regularly post content on your website (like blog posts or videos), you can increase the number of times spiders visit your website and increase your search rank compared to your competition. The more you post, the more Google visits.

“As a First Amendment protected newsroom that creates daily reports, news reports and classifieds, our newspaper is one of the biggest sources of content in this part of the country,†said Letty Acosta, director Regional, Digital Strategy and Revenue for The Berkshire Eagle. “We are a regular source of written content and photos.”

And because The Berkshire Eagle publishes multiple pieces of content on a daily basis, it is getting a lot of attention from Google. This means that job postings will also get a lot of attention from Google, which is how your job postings will rank well in local searches.

“Getting people back to work on our multi-channel platform is very important to us here at Berkshire Eagle,†said Gary W. Lavariere, Eagle’s chief revenue officer. “We want to make sure we have the most integrative and user-friendly way to connect businesses with their future candidates, and ShopLocal Jobs achieves that goal.”

The Berkshire Eagle and its partner newspapers serve as a one-stop-shop for digital advertising, sponsored content and job postings. We offer personalized recruiting solutions based on the staffing needs and workload of your business. With the Berkshire Eagle, you can reach more candidates with your print and digital products, as well as our regional partnerships. To learn more about posting job openings, call us at (800) 245-0254.


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