How the wicked were kept a secret, explained


Spider-Man from Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tom holland, revealed the incredible tool Spider-Man: No Path Home used to keep his returning villains a secret: long black cloaks. Holland made the reveal at a fan event in Los Angeles (via in which the star also discussed how the use of capes led to an unexpected encounter on set.

Spider-Man: No Path Home will feature Alfred Molinaof doctor Octopus, Jamie foxx‘s Electro, Willem Dafoe‘s Green Goblin, and, as recently revealed, Thomas Haden Church‘s Sandman and Rhys ifans‘ Lizard. All of these villains are from previous iterations of the Web Crawler, exactly one villain for every pre-MCU movie – three with Tobey Maguire as the titular hero, and the other two led by Andrew Garfield. Of course, the return of all these villains had to be kept a secret during production, which involved forcing all the actors to walk around the set with black coaks, preventing curious fans from taking unintentional behind-the-scenes photos.

While the black capes helped keep things a secret, it also led to a fun encounter between Holand and one of the classic villains. As Holland puts it:

“It’s actually a funny story when I first met Willem. Obviously at that time, all the villains in the movie, it was a huge secret that they were in the movie. So they were walking around with these cloaks. Naturally, these guys were very excited to come back and bring those roles back to life, â€Holland revealed. “I just ran into this guy in a cape. I was like, ‘Watch out, mate.’ He took off his cloak and I was almost very scared – Oh shit, the goblin is here.


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No way home will deal with the MCU multiverse, allowing Sony to bring its previous Spider-Man takes into the MCU. While only the bad guys have been confirmed to be part of No way home, fans also believe that Maguire and Garfield will also be in the upcoming film, although the stars deny it.

Since Holland has been very vocal about the Web-Shooters’ retirement, No way home may also create the opportunity for a new Spider-Man to jump into the Web MCU. On top of that, with Venom: let there be carnage break down the barrier between the SPUMC and the MCU and Tom hardy‘s Venom has reportedly made an appearance in Morbius, Sony is investing a lot of money and energy into the idea of ​​a shared universe. So Holland might soon pass the torch to a new actor.

We’ll probably have a better idea of ​​what happens next once Spider-Man: No Path Home breaks the Multiverse on December 17th.


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