How to Reverse Image Search with Google Images

Yes, you can reverse image search with Google Images and it’s much easier than you think.

Here’s a quick rundown of how to do it with Google Images, without having to rely on image-specific search engines like TinEye or PimEyes.

How to reverse image search with Google?

It’s actually very easy to do a reverse image search with Google Images.

First, if you’re on a browser, go to Google Images, the graphics-specific search engine separate from Google Search. This is usually accessible by clicking on the “images” link at the top right of the standard Google search screen.

Here’s what the page typically looks like if you’re using a dark theme (note the “images” prefix under Google).

Screenshot: Gizmodo Australia

Now click on the icon in the search bar which looks a bit like a camera. This is the “search by images” toggle and activates a drop-down menu where you can either drag a saved image into a box, paste an inline image link, or upload a file from a folder.

As soon as the image or the link of the image is inserted, the search is carried out using “Google Lens”, a Google service technically different from Google Images, entirely focused on image search. If you’re an Android user, you might be familiar with Google Lens as a camera tool for finding information about things in the real world.

How do I search for an image on Google on my iPhone or Android phone?

If you’re a phone user, you may be happy with the Google Lens app available on Android and iOS platforms (on Apple’s App Store, it’s available as a feature in the “Google “).

This application allows you to search both the images saved on your phone (by accessing the photos saved from your phone using the button at the bottom left, as you can see in the image below) and the photos you take at the time. Here is an example image:

    google reverse image search
Left: before taking a photo. Right: after taking a photo. (Screenshot: Gizmodo Australia)

Can Google Maps reverse image search?

Google Maps, at the moment, does not have a native reverse image search feature, however, if you are performing an image search to find the location of a landmark or tourist attraction, you You can be happy with Google Lens and its ability to identify landmarks in the real world.

Can you reverse image search on a screenshot?

Yes, a screenshot can be reversed easily, especially with Google Images and Google Lens. Just take your screenshot and upload it via web page or phone app.

That’s about it about Google Images and reverse image search. Happy browsing the web.

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