Is Andrew Garfield really coming back for Spider-Man 3 after all this time?

By Charlene Badasie | 14 seconds ago

the Spider Man The universe under the Sony banner is very messy right now. There are a bunch of awesome villains, like Venom and Morbius, but no web-slingers to fight them. While some people enjoyed seeing these villains for themselves, the giant Spidey-sized hole is very visible. Now it looks like the studio is trying to fill the void by bringing back Andrew Garfield for The Amazing Spiderman 3.

The Amazing Spider-Man film series was supposed to spawn several spin-offs, allowing Sony to create its own cinematic universe. But things came crashing down when, in 2015, Andrew Garfield was fired from the franchise after failing to show up at an event where the third film was to be announced. At the time, Sony Pictures president Amy Pascal had also been in touch with Kevin Feige about Marvel’s help with another reboot of the movie. Spider Man franchise.

Once this agreement was signed, Andrew Garfield’s tenure as a crawler was officially over. Fast forward to the big Spider-Man team of 2021, and all the grudges that lingered after the actor was fired are gone. According to Geekosity, Sony is even hoping that Marvel Studios will help it The Amazing Spider-Man 3. But it will have no impact on the events of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As seen in Spider-Man: No Coming Homethe Tick ​​Tick Boom! The star’s Spidey exists in a different multiverse.

Sony may also have a plot ready for starring Andrew Garfield. Rumors suggest a line from the Tom Holland movie may have been an Easter egg for The Amazing Spider-Man 3. In one of the film’s lighter moments, Andrew Garfield told his heroic counterparts that he had never fought an alien. This could be the lead role the writers need to bring Tom Hardy’s Venom into the fold.

As for the legalities, Sony is open to a deal similar to the one they have on Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. In this deal, Marvel and Disney get 5% of box office gross, plus all merchandising revenue. Andrew Garfield’s house Spider Man pocket the rest. Sony has picked up the rights to the film on Spider Man in 1999, when Marvel was recovering from bankruptcy and licensed several characters to movie studios to help with financial pressure.

Since then, Marvel has managed to regain the rights to most of its characters – with the exception of Spider-Man who remains the most popular non-Marvel Studios character. These days, the movie bosses of the two studios get along wonderfully. And, energized by how audiences received all of the Spider-Men in No coming home – Andrew Garfield could finally settle an unfinished business with his gallery of rascals.

Andrew Garfield’s List of Villains So Far amazing spider man to fight includes Vemon and Morbius, who exist in the same universe with no real ties to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And Vulture, which was transported into Sony’s universe through a purple rift during the first end credits scene. Morbus. In the second scene, Vulture approaches Morbius to form a team, hinting at a future Sinister Six movie.

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