Jaggaer and CiteAb Deliver Industry-Leading Bioreagent Discovery and Management Solution

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: JAGGAER, the world leader in self-directed commerce, is collaborating with CiteAb, a UK-based provider of high-quality life science data, to enable researchers to identify, select and source the right biological reagents for their work. The integrated solution will deliver efficiencies, cost savings and compliance improvements through JAGGAER Research Material Management (RMM), the industry-leading solution for acquiring and managing commercial reagents and laboratory supplies used in research.

CiteAb data integration in JAGGAER RMM will be available in June 2022 for new and existing JAGGAER RMM customers.

“JAGGAER RMM has long been the go-to solution for lab researchers looking for chemical reagents. We are delighted that CiteAb’s expertise in biological reagent research is available to researchers using JAGGAER’s procurement systems,” said Dr. Andrew Chalmers, CEO of CiteAb.

“By researching and identifying products on CiteAb to purchase from preferred vendors on JAGGAER, life sciences and higher education institutions will reduce the risk of purchasing the wrong reagents. Additionally, based on what RMM customers are already saving on chemical materials and lab supplies, they can now save an average of 20% on biological reagents, year after year,” Dr. Chalmers added. “That’s a big plus for life scientists, some of whom spend millions of dollars a year on antibodies alone.”

Researchers typically begin their purchasing process with exploratory research, but biologists, like chemists, often don’t know the exact reagents they need to acquire. For chemists, RMM offers chemical structure search, cross-results with available inventory and catalog items, and actual contract pricing and availability to simplify and optimize selection.

A search for a known antibody is likely to return 1,000 or more product results. Unlike pure compounds, these results are fundamentally different in critical dimensions, including clonality, reactivity, the application they are intended for and the host species from which they are derived. Using the wrong reagent wastes money, slows research progress, and can damage the credibility of research programs.

Dr Chalmers, working with a team that met at the University of Bath, England, launched the CiteAb search engine to address this challenge. CiteAb fundamentally changes the way researchers find reagents for their experiments by combining advanced text mining, classification of published research literature, actual vendor product catalog content, published image collection, and a extensive human curation by CiteAb experts. The result is greater data accuracy and reliability.

“Partnering with CiteAb is another example of JAGGAER’s work to extend the breadth and depth of our comprehensive solution footprint to meet the very specific needs of the vertical industry,” commented Jim Bureau, CEO of JAGGAER.

“CiteAb offers researchers streamlined discovery and simplified purchasing, and vendors centralized access to an extensive network of buyers,” said Tom Russell, Managing Director, RMM Solutions. “These benefits epitomize self-reliant commerce.”


About JAGGAER: Simplified Sourcing

JAGGAER is leading the autonomous commerce revolution, an autonomous B2B commerce experience between buyers, suppliers, things (IoT) and partners. Each year, more than $500 billion worth of goods move smoothly through our enterprise commerce network. Leveraging AI and machine learning, our smart sourcing solutions provide enterprise buyers and suppliers with smart match recommendations that align buyer needs with supplier capabilities. Our solutions autonomously perform many of the repetitive behind-the-scenes tasks needed to facilitate enterprise commerce. We’re networked, smart, comprehensive and scalable. We have over 1,100 employees, all focused on the success of our customers. For more information, visit www.jaggaer.com

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About CitéAb

CiteAb provides cutting-edge data that accelerates scientific research. Our industry-leading data collection technology combines machine learning and in-depth human review to identify and understand reagent usage from scientific publications. This highly accurate data is used to power all of our products, which help researchers find and suppliers sell the best reagents. Our search engine ranks products by citations, fundamentally changing how searchers find the best products for their experiences, and our data-driven products are used to inform suppliers around the world. More than 4 million pages of information were served to CiteAb users last year, from searches of more than 6.8 million reactants. We are a committed group of biologists and computer scientists dedicated to helping the world’s best scientists and providers solve big problems in life science research. For more information, visit www.citeab.com

CitéAb media contact:
Skye Longworth
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