Joe Jonas was up for The Amazing Spider-Man

Joe Jonas confirms he auditioned for the lead role in the 2012 blockbuster The Amazing Spider-Man, ultimately losing to Andrew Garfield.

Joe Jonas recently revealed he almost played Peter Parker in 2012 The Amazing Spider-Man.

The singer-songwriter and actor discussed auditioning for the iconic role on a recent episode of Variety’s “Just for Variety” podcast. “I remember years ago I was in for Spider-Man and I was so, so excited and that was the year Andrew Garfield got him,” he said. . “Obviously it was the right one. But I remember it was a big thing at the time, coming back for encores and the director was a music video director. So I was like, ‘I’ve got one here . But you know what ? I love the process of auditioning, showing up and having to prove yourself.”

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As Jonas notes, British-American actor Andrew Garfield eventually landed the role of Spider-Man. Garfield recalled being cast as a wall-crawling superhero in a recent interview, saying it was “a lot to take on” at just 26. He added that he “felt a danger” to himself when he signed up for The Amazing Spider-Man, due to the level of fame that comes with such a high-profile part. Despite this, Garfield said he felt ready to take on the burden of portraying Spider-Man, and already intended to return to the stage once his tenure as a crawler was over.

Andrew Garfield’s Method Approach to Spider-Man

Garfield’s love for the stage reflects his classical acting training, however, the star also uses more modern acting techniques. Notably, VFX supervisor Jerome Chen recently confirmed that Garfield brought an extreme method approach to the Gwen Stacy death scene during the amazing spider man 2. “I remember when they were shooting that scene, Andrew and [Gwen Stacy actor] Emma [Stone] we deliberately didn’t see each other for a week,” Chen said. “Andrew said, ‘I don’t want to see you! When you walk into that scene, you have to pretend you’re dead to me.'”

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Garfield’s stint as Spider-Man was seemingly over after Marvel Studios and Sony rebooted the franchise, with Tom Holland replacing him as Peter Parker. That turned out not to be the case, however, as Garfield appeared opposite Holland and their predecessor Tobey Maguire in 2021. Spider-Man: No Coming Home. Garfield’s participation in No coming home has reignited fan hopes that Sony will give the green light to the amazing spider man 3although the star herself continues to play down the possibility of that happening.

The Amazing Spider-Man is currently streaming on Netflix.

Source: Variety

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