Konsentus publishes Open Banking Transparency Directory



Konsentus today announced the launch of the Konsentus Transparency Directory, a single source of standardized data for the open banking ecosystem.

This data allows organizations to easily connect with each other for the processing of queries and the management of disputes.

The Konsentus Transparency Directory provides visibility into open banking participants by bringing together disparate data into a single searchable service, easily accessible to the open banking community.

Available by subscription, the Directory currently contains the legal, commercial and operational details of all regulated Third Party Providers (TPPs) in the EEA. The simple search functionality allows financial institutions to see where these third parties are regulated, understand the types of regulated services they provide to consumers, and how to contact them in the event of a dispute.

The initial deployment will soon be followed by information on the many financial institutions acting as TPP, searchable by group or by country. Participants can search for detailed and standardized information on banking developer portals and APIs in addition to operational and technical contact details.

The accelerating open data economy and market maturity demand clarity, visibility and transparency of information as financial institutions seek to expand their “open” service offerings. This centralized data source will help our clients better understand which organizations they can connect with and how to interact with them quickly and easily.

Mike Woods, CEO of Konsentus, commented: “The launch of the Konsentus Transparency Directory provides an indispensable tool for our clients to have more effective open banking case management experiences that complement our credentials platform. and verification, Konsentus Verify. ”


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