Kowloon Highschool Chronicle RPG Dungeon-Crawls Its Way To Steam

Earlier this year we saw the PlayStation 2 dungeon-crawler remaster Kowloon Youma Gakuen KiA.K.A Kowloon High School Chronicle, making its way to PlayStation 4 in English. Now it has its sights set on another home, as Arc System Works America has announced plans to bring the first-person RPG to Steam on November 10.

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The steam page is now live ahead of launch.


In Shinjuku, Tokyo, a young man appears as a transfer student at Kamiyoshi Academy. Although he looks like a normal student, he is actually a treasure hunter. His mission is to discover a mysterious ruin hidden deep within the school. Accompanied by his new school friends, he sets out to discover the mysteries of a super ancient civilization. However, many traps, monsters called “Kehito” lurking in the ruins, and the claws of the “student council” stand in his way! Build relationships with friends, solve puzzles, avoid traps, defeat enemies and uncover the great mysteries and treasures sealed beneath the school!

Remastered graphicsKowloon High School Chronicle is ushered into the modern era with remade high definition visuals and visuals that match the stunning character designs, challenging gameplay, and gripping story.

Innovative conversation system – Players can express themselves throughout the game’s story via feelings and actions like a glare, a loving touch, or a weird lick. How the characters in the world see you depends on how straight (or crazy) players present themselves.

Deep and challenging gameplay – Players can choose from a variety of different friends, allies, and classmates as they venture into the darkest dungeons in search of untold riches and more. Players are challenged to build their team carefully as they battle enemies and venture through dungeons to avoid a certain fate.

Kowloon High School Chronicle is also available on Nintendo Switch.

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