Launch of a new application for the well-being and well-being of seafarers

International maritime network Stella Maris has partnered with tech start-up FrontM to develop a new crew collaboration and wellbeing platform and super-app designed to give sailors and fishers around the world quick access to Stella Maris’ global chaplaincy directory, multimedia content and religious resources.

Stella Maris, formerly known as the Apostleship of the Sea, is a ship visitation network with over 1,000 chaplains and volunteers in 330 ports across 60 countries. His team conducts 70,000 ship visits in a normal year on vessels of all flags and nationalities to ensure the welfare and well-being of seafarers and fishers, regardless of race, creed or their faith.

Now that Stella Maris is partnering with FrontM and joining the Free Welfare Services onboard digital marketplace platform, sailors and fishermen will be able to quickly access her chaplains and devotional materials. They will also be able to use the app’s built-in voice, instant messaging and video conferencing tools, as well as a growing suite of social support and virtual assistant services.

Martin Foley, CEO of Stella Maris, said: “Faith is important to many sailors and fishermen who rarely have the chance to attend religious services. The prayer resources on the app complement the Stella Maris magazine, prayer books and rosaries that our chaplains and ship visitors take on board for crews. onship ensures seafarers and fishers always have access to the services they need to support their spiritual needs and stay healthy, happy and connected, no matter where they are.

onship is a free seafarer communication and wellness super app designed to bring all seafarers, maritime organizations and charities together under one digital roof. The app uses up to 30% less data than some other apps, allowing seafarers to send and receive more messages and calls.

Kiran Venkatesh, CEO of FrontM, described the collaboration as “a breakthrough in how devotional support and content is currently consumed and delivered to seafarers and the global maritime community.

“At FrontM, we believe that faith and communications are two basic human rights; technology plays a critical role in ensuring that underconnected people can access the social, communication and religious support services they need, when they need them most. Partnering with Stella Maris will help expand the welfare focus of the ship while ensuring that our seafaring community will always have access to church services and a friend in port through the Stella Maris network,” he said. .

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