Launching a new type of community-driven life coach directory

The Best Life Coach Collective (BLCC) is launching a community-driven online directory service to improve an unregulated and oversaturated market.

HOUSTON, Texas, USA, March 1, 2022 / — The Best Life Coach Collective (BLCC) is launching a community-driven online directory service to improve an unregulated and oversaturated market.

Life coaching is the second fastest growing industry in the world with an average annual growth of 6.7% and it has boomed since the start of the pandemic, with everyone and their third cousin’s dog becoming a “life coach”. As this is an unregulated industry, many of these coaches have little or no training. It creates an “MLM” atmosphere where coaches coach coaches how to coach coaches, and takes away the real purpose and value of coaching, which is to help people improve their lives.

Life coaches with qualifications certified by the International Coaching Federation are held to a high standard with prevailing ethical principles to be upheld. Yet people who seek the support of a coach still struggle to know who they can trust.

“The problem is that certified coaches come into the industry to help people, but they don’t know anything about marketing or running a business. This makes it difficult for great coaches to stand out in the market,” says BLCC co-founder Sarah Mae Abji-Endicott.

BLCC is tackling this problem head-on by creating an online Coach Directory, making it easier for approved and certified coaches to reach their ideal clients. What sets it apart from older coach directories is that it was built with community at the heart of the business, with a private online community, monthly login calls, and opportunities for coaches to work whole.

“The pandemic has left many duly certified coaches feeling isolated and alone while growing their business. This leads to confused coaches paying for cookie-cutter business coaching. The result ends up hurting the people the coaches are supposed to help, as they struggle to find qualified coaches among all the noise,” says Sarah Mae.

The three co-founders of BLCC met during their ICF Certified Coaching qualification, and after that they continued to meet regularly to strategize and connect despite living in different countries and time zones. different schedules.

“When we started to hear other coaches talk about their isolation as they tried to focus on serving their clients, we decided to open our circle to build this community where we can all support each other and uplifting each other. Being able to connect despite being in remote places has been amazing and we are paying for it now,” says Sarah Mae.

With a growing directory of diverse certified coaches from across North America, BLCC helps their coaches stand out with features on their blog, social media, and podcast platforms, and gain more traffic and leads through to paid advertising made for them by industry professionals. Yet it is above all a community of coaches who work together to support and uplift each other in a space where everyone is valued for their experience and can share their successes and challenges. It’s something much needed in an industry filled with self-proclaimed experts who don’t have formal training or certifications.

As BLCC coach Jillian Heron, from Boulder Creek, Calif., points out, “A one-person business can sometimes feel isolated, so being in the community is just comforting and encouraging.”

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The Best Life Coach Collective is a Coach directory, community and platform created to help Certified Coaches elevate their brand and reach more ideal clients in a supportive community space. By bringing together diverse coaches and providing a platform to share their expertise, co-founders Sarah Mae Abji-Endicott (Vancouver, Canada), Melissa Byone (Houston/Honolulu) and Stephanie Nelb (Boston) help those looking for quality support. through the noise to connect with a coach they know they can trust. Join us as a coach today at

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