LET There BE CARNAGE Director Andy Serkis Talks About Spider-Man & VENOM 3 Easter Eggs (Exclusive)



Venom: let there be carnage arrives exclusively in UK cinemas from October 15, and we had the chance to sit down with director Andy Serkis to discuss his “The ultimate Marvel movie.”

There are some amazing Easter Eggs in the sequel, but only a few very subtle nods to Spider-Man. With this in mind, we asked the filmmaker if he planned to increase the number of references to the web-slinger or if he wanted for the moment to keep the focus on Carnage (Editor’s note: this interview was carried out before the release of Venom: let there be carnage in American theaters).

“In this story, we wanted to continue being in his own universe and not push it too far”, Serkis confirmed. “There was so much to unwrap with this story; the odd relationship, the introduction of Cletus and Carnage. We were spoiled for choice in terms of the stories we could tell here. Howl. story and mix it up completely. “

“I really felt like there was no more room to move on to the next phase, and I think if and when that happens it will land at the right time, therefore, not rushing . “

The Venom The sequel had a massive $ 90 million opening weekend in North America, so a third chapter seems likely. Nothing has been confirmed at this point, of course, but we asked Serkis if he thought a meeting between Eddie Brock and Peter Parker was inevitable following the events of this film.

“Who knows? I don’t know where it’s going, but I hope this movie… you can’t count on anything… but I hope this movie will be okay and people will go and see it.” continues the director. “I think it’s the right movie right now because I think people will enjoy it. If they go out and make the effort to see it in theaters, I think it’s a fun movie and perfectly uplifting dark that will be extremely entertaining. Hopefully this will invigorate people to return to the movies. “

“Who knows? Who knows?” Serkis reflects. “We’ll have to wait and see.”

Watch the full interview in the player below to hear from Serkis about the possibilities. Venom 3 shots, that battle between Venom and Eddie, the origin story of Carnage, comic book inspiration and much more.


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