Long-tail local research is dying. ReviewTrackers announces its new local listing solution.



“An affordable local SEO solution will open the door for brands to reallocate their budgets to areas that will actually generate impact and revenue. ” Chris Campbell, says the CEO of ReviewTrackers.

63.6% of consumers check Google reviews only before visiting a business. This shows Google’s majority position as the top choice for consumer research. On top of that, click-free Google searches jumped to 65% in 2020, indicating that consumers trust Google as their top directory.

A analysis conducted by ReviewTrackers also supports this position. Brands that work with ReviewTrackers have the following results on average:

  • 73% of business reviews are left on Google
  • 6% of business reviews are left on Yelp
  • 3% of business reviews are left on Facebook
  • 3% of business reviews are left on TripAdvisor

For brands, the overwhelming majority of new and loyal customers come from only a handful of top directories (Google, Facebook, Yelp and TripAdvisor). So why has the narrative around managing local listings consisted of managing, monitoring, and paying for hundreds of long tail listing sites that don’t actually generate any traffic or revenue for a business?

The idea that brands have to manage every directory on the internet is getting more and more obsolete as Google is gaining more and more market share year by year.

In addition to the fact that long-tail ad sites become unnecessary, the more sites an ad management company has to manage for its clients, the more expensive and less accurate this service becomes.

ReviewTrackers takes pride in the accuracy and scalability of the product and has identified a more efficient way to deliver value to businesses of all sizes. The solution intentionally ignores overly complicated and irrelevant features that affect the quality of the tool.

ReviewTrackers offers its local SEO solution at a competitive price of a few dollars per location to allow brands to spend their budget on tools to digitize and transform their operations to create customer experiences that retain loyalty.

“Our proprietary natural language processing engine has allowed us to create an analytics tool that is light years ahead of others in space. Our goal has always been to help businesses understand easily and effortless customer feedback to improve internal operations and drive growth. We are proud to say that we are doing it today while helping brands meet the inevitable need to manage and maintain their lists online. “Chris Campbell , CEO of ReviewTrackers.

About ReviewTrackers
ReviewTrackers enables more than 140,000 commercial sites to better understand their customers through advanced analyzes of customer feedback. ReviewTrackers solutions help analyze, amplify and maximize customer feedback to accelerate acquisition and improve retention strategies while creating more authentic connections with customers.

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