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Hollywood is a living beast that is constantly correcting its path to the next blockbuster. In its mad rush to the next cultural gold mine, projects change hands, producers abandon scripts, and even directors are moved from film to film. If this process is normal, one can sometimes wonder what would have happened if curious productions had seen the light of day. And while What if..? makes us think about how different the Marvel Cinematic Universe could be, we also wonder how the superhero story could be completely different if a few Marvel productions had left the diary.

In our real life What if…? exercise, we’ll discuss five of the most curious Marvel projects ever – but one that we wish we had. All five projects come from the minds of great filmmakers, writers, artists, and while they may seem like guaranteed successes, each of them has been knocked out by the Hollywood beast for some reason. But what if there is a universe out there where the stars align and Quentin Tarantino produced his Luke Cage scenario? And how would Guillermo del Toro to shoot a Doctor Strange movie? It’s time to dive into the multiverse of possibilities and imagine what could happen to five curious Marvel projects that never went into production.

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“Venom” by David S. Goyer


In 2016, when Sony announced that it was producing Venom Without Spider-Man, many fans have wondered how the iconic villain could even exist without the hero who defined him. However, the concept was not new, as David S. Goyer had already written a screenplay for a Venom solo in the 90s. In 1997, Goyer Venom was in production on New Line Cinema, with Dolph lundgren in discussion to play the anti-hero. Little is known why the project was canceled, but soon after Venom was shelved, the character’s rights shifted from New Line Cinema to Sony, which in turn led to Topher thanksthe version of Venom in Sam raimi‘s Spider-Man 3. It is indeed a sad end to a promising story.

To put things in perspective, Goyer wrote Steel man and co-wrote Batman vs. Superman, the two films that made the Snyderverse possible. Goyer also developed the story for Christophe nolan‘s Black Knight trilogy. Most importantly, Goyer wrote the Blade trilogy, some of the most fantastic superhero movies of all time, rated R and with a black protagonist decades before Hollywood began to seriously discuss portrayal. So how good was Goyer Venom to be? While there isn’t much official information about the project, Goyer’s original script can still be found in dark corners of the internet, and it teases Carnage as the main villain. Marvel might have a dark, gloomy universe of antiheroes in the ’90s, long before the MCU was a thing. Unfortunately, in our sad reality, this Venom has been cancelled.

“Luke Cage, hero for hire” by Quentin Tarantino


With pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, and Django Unchained being what they are, we can say that Quentin Tarantino love blaxploitation cinema. What Tarantino also loves are the comics, especially the Luke Cage stories. It is then easy to understand how it was once in Hollywood, Tarantino envisioned the idea of ​​producing Luke Cage, hero for hire. After the success of the years 1992 Tank dogs, Tarantino discussed the Luke Cage film with producer Ed Pressman, who owned the rights to the character at the time. Tarantino even approached Laurence Fishburne playing the hero, an idea the star found interesting. So why has this project not moved forward then? Well, just because Tarantino decided to work on pulp Fiction.

Although we are all grateful for the existence of pulp Fiction, Tarantino’s Luke Cage project could have opened the doors to different types of superhero adaptations. Luke Cage, aka Power Man, was created to echo the success of blaxploitation on the comics, so a film adaptation that used Tarantino’s aesthetic would be something wonderful to see. Other than that, Tarantino’s taste for ultra-violence could have made Luke Cage the first R-rated superhero movie!

“Doctor Strange” by Neil Gaiman and Guillermo del Toro


While Benedict Cumberbatch is an outstanding actor, so far his MCU version of Sorcerer Supreme isn’t as psychedelic or mystical as comic book fans might like. Imagine what Doctor strange could have been, then, if the master of dark fantasy Guillermo del Toro had directed him. Better yet, imagine this literary genius Neil gaiman wrote Doctor strangethe script of. This could have happened in 2007, when del Toro himself pitched the idea to Marvel and was turned down. Gaiman was disappointed he never got to work on this project, and to be honest we all are.

Gaiman has a lot of experience as a comic book writer, and his Sand seller The series is still one of the most astonishing works ever made with the medium. On the other hand, del Toro has a keen sense of practicality that helps bring to life fantastic universes filled with magic. The talent of the two artists combined could have resulted in one of the most visually impressive superhero adaptations of all time. Both artists also have plenty of experience to make even the most incredible storytelling feel human and grounded, something the MCU often lacks. We hope the Time Stone exists because it is a mistake from the past that we would like to correct.

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“Wolverine and the X-Men” by James Cameron and Kathryn Bigelow


In the late 80s, comic book author Chris Claremont began work on an ambitious film adaptation of the X Men led by Canadian mutant Wolverine. Claremont is the visionary who wrote the Dark phoenix saga and led the “Uncanny X-Men” comic book series for 17 wonderful years. His X Men the adaptation would have been as ambitious as his writing career. With the help of the legend Stan lee, Claremont presented the project to The Terminator director James cameron. Cameron was interested in producing, while his then wife Catherine bigelow was set to lead. The script? Well it was meant to be written by Aliens scriptwriter Gary Goldman. There were even stars attached to the project, with Angela Bassett ready to play Storm and Bob hoskins ready to play an accurate Wolverine. Appointed Wolverine and the X-Men, the project never moved forward due to a fateful discussion between Lee and Cameron about Spider-Man.

Since Cameron is a huge fan of the Web Crawler, as is Lee, the two began discussing the possibility of making a Spider-Man adaptation during a meeting scheduled to discuss. Wolverine and the X-Men. During this encounter, Claremont saw his dreams dissolve before his eyes, as the X-Men Project he so carefully crafted was slipped under the rug. James Cameron’s R-rated Spider-Man movie also never saw the light of day, which makes Claremont’s story even more tragic. Although X-Men and Spider-Man would become blockbuster movie franchises in the hands of Singer Bryan and Sam Raimi, respectively, we’ll always wonder how Claremont envisions Wolverine and the X-Men would look like.

Angela Bowie’s “Daredevil and Black Widow”


by netflix daredevil is one of the best gifts a Marvel fan could have received. However, the journey to adapt the Fearless Man for television began in 1975 when David Bowiethen is the woman Angela Bowie acquired the rights to Daredevil and Black Widow. The series entered pre-production, with a photoshoot starring Angela Bowie as Natasha Romanoff and Ben carruthers like Matt Murdock. The duo appear in reimagined versions of Marvel’s superhero uniforms in these stunning photos, created by Ziggy Stardust era costume designer of Angela Bowie’s husband. Natasha Kornikoff.

People might wonder why a blind lawyer would team up with a Russian spy to deal with criminals, but the real question is why no one scratched their wallet to make this show real. Angela Bowie knocked on the doors of some TV studios with concept photos in hand, but no one seemed interested in taking over the project. So, after a year, she lost the rights to the characters and continued with her life. And we find ourselves there, imagining a Daredevil and Black Window series with an original soundtrack by David Bowie himself. And to think that there might be another timeline where this show actually exists breaks our hearts. The Multiverse can be cruel at times.

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