Majority of UK shoppers will opt for sustainable retail brands during Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and Christmas


Tug, a leading digital performance marketing agency, launched today (October 14) new search identify the purchasing preferences of UK consumers during the Golden Quarter. The study found that the majority (67%) of Britons pay attention to the sustainability and environmental efforts of retail brands, with more than a third (37%) seeking more sustainable retail brands by line – but only 17% say it has an impact on their choice. Go shopping.

However, when it comes to the Golden Quarter, sustainability will impact buying decisions. In fact, the majority (78%) of consumers said that whether or not brands clearly communicate their sustainability efforts will have “somewhat” an impact on where they shop on weekends. Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, followed by almost two-thirds (63%) during the Christmas period.

To find out what brands are doing in terms of sustainable practices, more than a third (37%) of consumers use online research via a search engine. This is especially true for people aged 67 and over (boomers), two in five (42%) in this age group using search to find this information. Meanwhile, more than a quarter of Gen Z use TikTok (28%) to identify sustainable brands, while more than a quarter (26%) of Millennials use Instagram. In addition, two in five consumers (21%) still rely on recommendations from friends or family to identify lasting brands.

Older generations would be more likely to buy directly from a brand at lower prices, including 61% of Gen X and 60% of Baby Boomers, compared to just 40% of Gen Z. Meanwhile, nearly two in five (19%) of millennials would be likely to shop directly from a brand’s website because of sustainable practices.

Finally, nearly half (46%) of consumers confirmed that they pay attention to how brands use their personal data, with 17% confirming that they would only buy from brands that clearly communicate how they use these informations. This is especially true for more than half (52%) of people aged 41 to 56, Gen X, who pay close attention to how their personal data is used, compared to just 45% of millennials.

Faye Daffarn, Managing Director, UK, Tug: “Currently, ‘climate anxiety’ is the major concern for UK customers. Our research shows this is now reflected in purchasing preferences during the Golden Quarter, with brands’ sustainability efforts expected to impact where 78% of UK consumers shop. This means that it is crucial for retailers to effectively deliver their environmental message during this key business period. An integrated, multi-channel approach that reaches consumers across multiple touchpoints – not only when they are in the market to buy, but also when they are in browse mode, will allow retailers to maximize their sales during this commercial period key.

Esha Ahmed, founder of the fashion and ethical household goods brand, Omi Na-Na: “In a world dominated by fast fashion and quick shopping, it is definitely promising to see that a large part of people are now thinking about the ecological and sustainable references of brands and that nearly 40% are actively looking for more sustainable brands. in line. This shows that we are starting to see a shift in consumer preferences towards more responsible production, which is, of course, a welcome change. With the Golden Quarter just around the corner, hopefully we’ll see this change in trend translate into more support for the small brands and businesses that have worked so hard to champion a different way of putting fashion on the market. Marlet. This is our next step and our next challenge! “

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