Marvel raises doubts about Spider-Man’s sexuality with shocking cover

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Pride month is almost upon comic book fans. And while Marvel fans have been disappointed with some of DC Comics’ offerings, the announcements are still to come. Marvel has announced a series of comic book series and variant covers featuring LGBTQ+ characters and queer creators from across the Marvel Universe. And a recent announcement has some Marvel fans wondering if Peter Parker/Spider-Man might be bisexual.

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spider-man in costume on the bridge
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Peter Parker/Spider-Man was brought into live action three times, played by Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire. Peter Parker’s on-screen romances include Mary Jane Watson (Kristen Dunst), Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone), and Michelle Jones (Zendaya). Each character was based on one of Peter Parker’s comic book relationships.

However, one of his main love interests that he hasn’t interacted with much on the big screen yet is Felicia Hardy/Black Cat. Felicity Jones brought Black Cat live-action in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) starring Andrew Garfield, but she had little to do in the film, which was poorly received by fans. Fortunately, Garfield was able to resume his variant of Spider-Man in Spider-Man: No Coming Home (2021).

The black cat first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #194 (1979) by Marv Wolfman and Keith Pollard. Felicia Hardy has a complicated romance with Spider-Man and was eventually confirmed as bisexual. That’s why she got her own Pride Variant Cover. But next to her was Peter Parker, which some Marvel fans took to mean their favorite web crawler was also coming out of the closet.

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Marvel Voices Pride #1 Black Cat Variant Cover with Spider-Man Art by Jen Bartel
Credit: Marvel Comics

Questions quickly started pouring in as the official announcement of the Marvel Comics cover art, drawn by Jen Bartel, took to Twitter. A user asked:

“spider-man is gay?”

What other users have jokingly responded to

“Yeah, he’s in a relationship with Johnny Storm and sometimes Deadpool too.”

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Peter Parker was only included as Black Cat’s love interest on the variant cover of Marvel Voices: Pride #1 written by Charlie Jane Anders, Christopher Cantwell, Andrew Wheeler, Alyssa Wong, Grace Freud, Ira Madison III and Danny Lore. However, many Marvel fans have long suspected that Peter might be secretly bisexual, and they jumped at the chance to point out other male Marvel superheroes he might have been in a relationship with.

Johnny Storm/Human Torch of the Fantastic Four has long been one of Spider-Man’s best friends. Some fans have commented that they can be quite flirty with each other, including Human Torch inviting Peter to watch a very special DVD with him in Amazing Digital Spider-Man #17 (2009) by Brian Reed.

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Peter Parker/Spider-Man Admits to Dating Moon Knight in Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Wade Wilson/Deadpool has never shied away from being drawn to both Peter Parker and Spider-Man (when he doesn’t know they’re the same person). The Merc with a Mouth is pansexual and actually has a “daughter” with Peter named Itsy Bitsy, which is a genetic combination introduced in Spiderman/Deadpool #8 (2016) by Joe Kelly.

And in Moon Knight #4 (2019) by Brian Michael Bendis, Peter admitted to dating Marc Spector/Steven Grant/Moon Knight “a bit”. It’s unclear if he was joking, but Marvel pushed the idea of ​​Peter Parker being bisexual for a while. But for now, he’s still officially straight.

Let us know in the comments if you want Peter Parker to be bisexual.

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