Marvel’s Spider-Verse Reveals Spider-Man’s True Cosmic Origin

Contains an overview of Edge of Spider-Verse #2

Marvel Comics will finally explain the origins of Spider Man and all the other Spider-Heroes by showing the primordial goddess who created the spider worms. Over the years, Spider-Man’s origins have been retconned many times, linking the hero to multiple totem deities and the multiversal construct called the Web of Life and Destiny, which gives Spider-Totems their powers. An overview for Edge of Spider-Verse #2 shows that there are even more mysteries waiting to be revealed behind Peter Parker’s origin story.


All Marvel fans know that Peter Parker received his incredible powers after being bitten by a radioactive spider, which rewrote his DNA and turned him into the hero Spider-Man. However, in the 2000s, during J. Michael Straczynski’s tenure as the author of The amazing spider man, this iconic origin story has been revisited to introduce the concept of the Spider-Totems, multiversal supernatural entities linked to a mystical force called the Web of Life and Fate. These divine creatures can select individuals from any universe to serve as their avatar, also called Spider-Totems, and are the true source of Peter Parker and all other Spider-heroes powers. However, the actual origins of the Web of Life and Fate and the divine Spider-Totems had never been clearly explained until now.

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In preview for Edge of Spider-Verse #2 – by Mallory Rosenthal, Ig Guara, Rico Renzi, Ramzee, Ruarì Coleman, Brian Reber, Dan Slott, Paco Medina and Chris Giarrusso – Anna-May Parker, aka Spiderling (Peter and MJ’s daughter from another reality) , retains her duties as the new Patternmaker, the Spider-Totem tasked with maintaining and repairing the web of life and destiny, a task she undertook at the end of Spidergeddon. While repairing the web of damage suffered at the hands of the evil heirs, Spiderling encounters the Primal Strand, “The first canvas ever spun,which gives her a vision of the very beginning of the Spider-Verse. Anna sees a group of Marvel gods, Seth, Bast and Khonshu, as well as an unidentified girl who wears a spider seal. Enjoy this glimpse of Edge of Spider-Verse #2, courtesy of Marvel Comics.

Given the company she keeps, the maiden could indeed be the primeval spider goddess, who wove the web of life and fate. So far, the only reference to the creator of the web comes from amazing spider man flight. 2 #48, where Spider-Totem Ezekiel Sims identifies him with the African god Kwaku Anansi, who, seeking enlightenment, transcended himself into a form called the Great Weaver and wove the web of life. However, this story was never developed and could very well be a legend. Spiderling’s vision takes place on Loomworld, aka Earth-001, the world where the web of life and fate physically exists, and thus the center of the Spider-Verse. So it would make sense for the mysterious girl to be the true Great Weaver and Goddess who is the source of power for Spider-Man and all of Spider’s other heroes.

The “totem” lore of Spider-Man can sometimes be a little confusing to readers, especially after being expanded with the concept of the Spider-Verse. Given that Edge of Spider-Verse is meant to be “the beginning of the end” for Spider Man‘s multiverse, it’s possible that before that, Marvel will finally want to clarify and clarify the lore surrounding the spider worms and the origin of the Wall-Crawler.

by Spider Man Edge of Spider-Verse #2 will be available August 17 from Marvel Comics.

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