Marvel’s Wolverine Needs To Introduce Professor X To Some Extent

Insomniac Games has its hands full now that its toes are dipped into the Marvel Universe. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2which follows at the same time Marvel’s Spiderman and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, is currently slated for a 2023 release and has shared a cinematic reveal teaser depicting high profile antagonists. This was showcased at PlayStation Showcase 2021, and in the same conference, Insomniac announced Marvel’s Wolverines much to the surprise of many fans.


Marvel’s Spider-Man 2The 2023 release window basically informs fans that Marvel’s Wolverines won’t happen anytime soon. Still, Marvel’s WolverinesInsomniac’s teaser is a nice surprise that puts Insomniac’s latest Marvel title at least on the radar of interested gamers and developers. The clues are scattered everywhere Marvel’s Wolverines‘s teaser that suggest what fans can expect from it, while plenty of speculation is sure to follow until more are officially announced. Additionally, a character must be approached for the sake of Marvel’s Wolverinesin continuity: Professor Charles Xavier.

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Professor X can bridge the gap between Wolverine and the X-Men

To be clear, no Professor X means no X-Men. The most salient way Marvel’s Wolverines could confirm that the X-Men all co-exist in its universe is to feature Xavier, whether in a reference, cameo, or full-fledged NPC interaction. Xavier is a powerful mutant telepath who is notably wheelchair-bound and bald. Many iterations of the X-Men have now appeared in different continuities with their own respective founding members and characters, but Xavier is usually the one to bring them all together and give these mutants a home when they didn’t have one.

Xavier is the backbone of the X-Men and believes that mutants and humans can coexist peacefully, while hateful mutants who have been subjected to human torture and oppression can believe in mutant supremacy. Professor X must be in Marvel’s Wolverines if there is in fact a connection that Logan shares with the X-Men. The implications of introducing Professor X are great, and Insomniac will surely include him if it intends to establish a Connected Universe.

If Logan is either a retired member or a current member of the X-Men, then Professor X would be instrumental in making that connection. Xavier could even communicate with Logan telepathically. Of course, other X-Men could also appear to some extent, but it’s still unclear what Logan’s history with the X-Men is if Xavier doesn’t directly interact with him in some way. ‘another. If Xavier does not appear in Marvel’s Wolverines, many questions will be raised. It’s also extremely likely that Xavier, let alone any other X-Men affiliates, won’t be featured in Marvel’s Wolverines.

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The Case For Marvel’s Wolverine Not Introducing Other X-Men

For one reason or another, Marvel’s Spiderman features numerous references to other characters from the Marvel Universe, but declined to have cameos for those characters. Avengers Tower, Sanctum Sanctorum, and the Wakandan Embassy are just a few examples of these references and establish their associated characters in Marvel’s Spiderman, but the characters themselves are nowhere to be found. Some fans may believe this is a missed opportunity to introduce familiar faces, but it’s likely that Insomniac is taking advantage that these characters weren’t shown.

In comic book source material, Spider-Man has bounced around different affiliations on different occasions, but he’s primarily a solo crimefighter. Because he’s not intrinsically tied to other characters on a team like the Avengers, Spider-Man has no obligation to meet other characters outside of surprise cameos. Wolverine, however, is directly tied to his affiliation with the X-Men, so it would be harder to deny him interaction or character references that are also part of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.

Still, Marvel’s Spiderman is able to focus on developing the character of Peter Parker without the distraction of other superheroes. You could say that Logan could at least talk to lesser-known mutants, but Marvel’s Spiderman is a good example of why this should not become Marvel’s Wolverinesis the only goal.

It’s possible that Marvel’s Wolverines could allow players to wander around Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters and past other important mutant characters, but care should be taken not to throw in too many high-level characters that might steal the show from Logan. In effect, Marvel’s Wolverines is titled like it’s a standalone single-player game, and featuring a ton of X-Men in lead roles can make that decision misleading, like it should have just been an X-game Men to start.

Marvel’s Wolverine Will Likely Follow Its Own Canon As Marvel’s Spider-Man

Marvel’s Spiderman gives Insomniac the freedom to chart its own course for the web-slinging wall-crawler. In this creative license, Insomniac chose to portray Peter Parker as a 23-year-old college graduate who had already met many of his iconic super-villains. Because Marvel’s Spiderman produces its own canon and universe, any character can be interpreted in unique ways, and twists in the narrative will be unexpected due to new possibilities.

Marvel’s WolverinesThe cinematic reveal teaser only shared a look at a bar and Logan’s adamantium claws, and the game will have the exact same opportunity to produce a new continuity with iterations of characters and events that can alarm players or subvert expectations. Professor X is undeniably an important part of the X-Men that should not be overlooked if the X-Men are truly a part of Marvel’s Wolverinesthe universe of.

However, it’s just as likely that the X-Men aren’t part of Marvel’s Wolverines, and that Insomniac wanted to portray Wolverine singularly in a standalone title. Further away, Marvel’s Wolverines could lay the groundwork for an X-Men game in the future, especially after Insomniac masters the mechanic of featuring multiple playable protagonist characters in a single-player game without implementing co-op, as it’s said to be the case for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Until then, an X-Men game may not be satisfying with just one or two playable characters out of the party, which is why a standalone Wolverine game makes sense. In both cases, Marvel’s Wolverines evokes an inevitable association with the X-Men. These questions will have to be answered at some point, and it’s anyone’s guess who can be introduced or what new narrative changes have been made in order to create an authentic and unique take on Logan in Marvel’s Wolverines.

Marvel’s Wolverines is in development for PS5.

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