Meta Quest Pro now available – Here’s what to do first

Meta’s premium VR headset has a lot going for it.

Today marks the launch of the Pro Quest, the first in a new line of “high-end” VR headsets from Meta. The device is powered by an upgraded Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+ chipset, offering 50% more processing power than the Meta Quest 2. There’s also eye and face tracking, color passthrough for mixed reality, and a suite of other interesting features.

There is so much to do that it can be a bit overwhelming. To help you get started with your new device, we’ve put together a small list of games, apps, and features that we recommend you try first.

Next generation workspace

The Quest Pro is designed to enhance or even replace your current workplace setup. As such, the device has a number of useful productivity tools. The Quest Pro pairs beautifully with Horizon work rooms, Meta’s VR coworking app. The open peripheral design makes it easier to work and communicate in virtual reality while remaining aware of your physical surroundings. Each Quest Pro also comes with a pair of stylus nibs that can be attached to the bottom of each Touch Pro controller to provide more realistic writing and drawing in VR.

Productivity apps like Immersed also benefit from the new hardware by allowing you to access multiple desktop monitors in mixed reality. There are also 3D art and design tools like VR painting and Gravity Sketch that allow you to develop and design in your real space. Whether you’re an artist interested in exploring a new medium or a web developer looking for a new way to collaborate with your colleagues, the Meta Quest Pro has a little something for almost every type of IT professional. creation.

Eye and face tracking

As mentioned earlier, the Meta Quest Pro features eye tracking and face tracking, bringing a new level of expression to the metaverse. These features are disabled by default. You will need to manually enable them in your settings. The quickest way is to visit the Explorer app in your app library and select “Enhance avatar movement”. You will then have the option to enable natural facial expressions and calibrate eye tracking.

The list of supported apps is short at the moment. That said, you can jump in Horizon work rooms, Meta’s VR coworking app, and show off your fancy new facial expressions to friends and colleagues. While it might seem like a relatively small update, these expressive avatars add a whole new level of immersion to the experience. While you’re in Horizon work roomstry the aforementioned stylus accessory for Touch Pro controllers to write and draw more comfortably in VR.

mixed reality games

The Meta Quest Pro is advertised primarily as a versatile design and collaboration tool, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun yet. In addition to supporting the entire catalog of Quest 2 games and apps, the Quest Pro offers a growing range of interactive mixed reality experiences powered by the aforementioned color passthrough technology.

We’ve already tried a handful of interesting games and apps that make excellent use of technology. This includes Worlda GeoGuessr-type of application that allows you to explore exotic locations around the world in mixed reality or as 360 degree photos and Figmin XRa sandbox experience that lets you populate the real world with 3D models, animated GIFs, and various other digital content.

More content is coming out every day. Existing games such as Resolution Games’ VR dungeon-crawler Demoo and’s VR puzzle game confusing places are even better at color passthrough. Schell Games has also launched I Expect You to Die: Home Sweet Homea new mixed reality mini-mission based on the popular VR series.

Credit: VRScout

We’ve only had a few days with the headset so far. As we continue to discover all that this fantastic material has to offer, you can expect our list of recommended activities to grow over time.

The Meta Quest Pro is available now for $1499 via the Meta store in 22 countries as well as Best Buy and Amazon in the United States. Each headset comes with two Touch Pro controllers, two pen tips, two partial light blockers, charging dock, 5W USB-C power adapter, and front cover.

For more information, visit here.

Image Credit: Bob Minkin for Meta

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