Microsoft 365 MFA outage locks users out of their accounts



Microsoft is currently investigating a multi-factor authentication (MFA) issue preventing some customers from signing in to their Microsoft 365 accounts.

“We are investigating an issue with multi-factor authentication that prevents some users from accessing Microsoft 365 services. Additional information will be provided in the admin center under MO287933, the company tweeted.

According to the company, only customers using on-premises multi-factor authentication (MFA) servers are affected by this Microsoft 365 issue, as cloud authentication is not affected.

“We have identified 503 errors from specific processing components and are examining these errors to identify the source,†Microsoft explained in the admin center.

“This issue could potentially affect any user if they are using MFA and Network Policy Server (NPS) or Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) to access Microsoft 365 services. This issue only affects on-premises users and users. cloud-hosted users are not affected. “

In a new update to admin center tracking ticket MO287933, Microsoft reports that the issue is resolved for some of the affected users.

“We have performed scaling activities on the underlying infrastructure and have received confirmation from some previously affected users that the issue is now resolved for them. We are also seeing the service return to a healthy state.” , the company added.

At the same time, we are continuing to investigate the underlying cause so that further action can be taken to ensure the problem does not recur. Engineering remains engaged to ensure that the service remains in a healthy state. “

In April, a worldwide Microsoft Teams outage also prevented users from signing in to their accounts and prevented those already signed in from sending and receiving messages.

Another large-scale outage in March interrupted several Microsoft services a month earlier, including Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, Exchange Online, Forms, Xbox Live, and Yammer following widespread Azure Active Directory connection issues.

In September 2020, Microsoft customers experienced another global outage showing “transient” errors that also brought down Office 365 and related services, including Microsoft Teams,, Power Platform, and Dynamics365.

Update: Microsoft says the MFA issue is now resolved.


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