NetBeans 12.6 increases support for Java 17

Apache NetBeans 12.6 was released with support for Java 17, including pattern matching for switch expressions and switch statements, as well as faster remote debugging and a revised YAML parser.

NetBeans is an IDE for Java SE, Java EE, PHP, and JavaScript development with some Groovy and C / C ++ support. It provides editors, wizards, and templates, and is cross-platform.

This release of NetBeans builds on the experimental support for Java 17 that was included with NetBeans 12.5 to add pattern matching support for switch expressions and switch statements. This enhancement allows an expression to be tested against a number of models, each with a specific action, so that complex, data-driven queries can be expressed concisely and securely.

Other enhancements to Java support include support for prefixes for autocomplete in records and the correct display of final variables in Java code completion for use in anonymous classes.

The new version also updates its support for Gradle to version 7.3 to be compatible with Java 17. Gradle projects should now also recognize Kotlin source directories.

Support for Groovy has been improved with a new caching transform ClassLoader and the ability to bypass ClassLoader resource lookups. Groovy performance has also been improved when loading classes using FileSystems.

A number of performance optimizations have been made to speed up remote debugging, and elsewhere the debugger will now perform Step and Continue if a breakpoint breaks in the wrong place after evaluation.

The revised YAML parser now also offers error recovery. The previous implementation caught and ignored parser and parser exceptions. This implementation tries to break the yaml into segments around the problematic sections and tries to analyze those sections individually.

NetBeans 12.6 is available for download now.

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