New Zoning Name – Neighborhood Residential Zones

On December 15, 2021, Mayor Durkan signed Ordinance 126509, which changes the name of “Single Family” zones to “Neighborhood Residential” zones.

The Seattle Land Use Code and official zoning maps divide the city geographically into zoning districts (eg, single-family residential, multi-family residential, commercial, industrial, etc.). Ordinance 126509 implements the new zonal name by dividing the neighborhood’s residential zones into four zones, based on pre-existing minimum required lot sizes: Single Family 9600 (SF 9600), Single Family 7200 (SF 7200), Single Family 5000 (SF 5000) and small residential lot (RSL). The ordinance renames these areas as shown in Table 1.

Table 1. Zoning name changes

Existing area (abbreviation) New area (abbreviation)
Single Family Residential 9600 (SF 9600) Residential District 1 (NR1)
Single Family Residential 7200 (SF 7200) Residential District 2 (NR2)
Single Family Residential 5000 (SF 5000) Residential District 3 (NR3)
Small Residential Lot (RSL) Small Residential Neighborhood Lot (RSL)

Ordinance 126509 updates these names in the Seattle Municipal Code (SMC). The zoning district names would be updated as follows:

  1. Official Land Use Map/Zoning Maps of Seattle
  2. Throughout Land Use Code (SMC Title 23)
  3. Short Term Rental License Regulations (SMC Chapter 6.600)
  4. Traffic Administration Regulations (SMC Chapter 11.16) and Street Use Regulations (SMC Title 15)
  5. Building and Construction Codes (SMC Title 22)
  6. Environmental regulations (SMC Title 25)

The ordinance would only update these names and add definitions for these new names, no other changes are made. The only code sections that currently refer to single-family areas that the ordinance would not update are SMC Chapter 23.60A, the Seattle Shoreline Master Program Regulations.

Amendments to shoreline regulations require state approval and extensive targeted outreach to shoreline stakeholders. After consultation with the Washington State Department of Ecology, it has been determined that the best approach to updating this chapter of the SMC would be to modify the references to single-family areas in the Shoreline chapter as part of the next update. general update of the City’s Coastal Regulations.

References to single-family areas are retained in the Land Use Planning Code to maintain consistency in the Shoreline chapter. The ordinance takes effect June 13, 2022, and until that date, SDCI staff are working to update city zoning maps, SDCI Director’s Rules, and other documents referencing the zones. single family. Municode, the City’s code editor, will update the SMC.

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