No Coming Home Funko Pops

Before the release of Spider-Man: No Coming Home, the inclusion of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Men in the film was Marvel and Sony’s worst-kept secret. Indeed, thanks to the power of the Mutliverse and a failed spell from Doctor Strange, Maguire’s “Peter 2” and Garfield’s “Peter 3” have teamed up with Tom Holland’s MCU web-slinger to take down a cavalcade of villains.

Due to the secrecy surrounding the other two Peter Parkers in No coming home, the toy companies were not informed that the pair were actually in the film. Thus, no official merchandise for them was available in time for the movie’s release. Hasbro, Funko, Hot Toys and others have scrambled to make up for lost time and capitalize on the hype.

Now, it looks like Funko in particular is ready to reveal what they’ve been working on.

A trio of Spider-Man Funko Pops

During a panel at San Diego Comic-Con via Distractors, Funko has officially shown Pop! Vinyl figures of the three Spider-Men from No coming home, plus an interpretation of Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock. Check out the images below:


Here’s a look at Peter 2 and Peter 3, as well as Tom Holland’s Parker wearing his “built-in” costume:

Three Steps Homecoming Spider-Man Funko Pops

Three Spider-Men is the magic number

As mentioned, not all of the major toy companies had any confirmation that Garfield and Maguire would even be in the MCU Spider-Man Trio – but they’ve been catching up lately. Hasbro recently launched a box set in its Marvel Legends line of 6-inch action figures featuring the three Peters. Additionally, Hot Toys pre-ordered a one-sixth scale re-release of Garfield’s Amazing wall-crawler earlier this month.

If anything, you’d think Funko might have had their No coming home offers come out much sooner, given that Pop Vinyl figures are much less detailed than the average Hot Toy or Marvel Legend, but it’s still possible that bobblehead figures may have required additional approval from the licensor.

Nonetheless, Peters 2 and 3 look like great additions to the line and have been captured faithfully, right down to the silver web lines on Tobey Maguire’s costume and the larger anime-style eye lenses on Andrew Garfield. Doc Ock is pretty cool too, with his fearsome mechanical tentacles sculpted to loom behind him.

These Funko Pops! from marvel studios Spider-Man: No Coming Home don’t have an announced release date yet, but fans can probably expect them to go up for pre-order very soon!

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