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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has often generated broad discussions, but no MCU the film has been discussed as much as Spider-Man: No Path Home. Jon Watts’ latest feature has sparked much speculation from fans, with viewers eagerly anticipating what to expect.

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Various fan rumors and theories have flooded the internet since the film’s announcement, covering a number of possible avenues the narrative could take, especially as fans anticipate more multiversal options and the return of previous characters from Sony Spider-Man. Sometimes these leaks or speculative pieces have taken particularly strange directions, suggesting that the public might be on a wild ride.

ten Ned’s multiverse portals

Ned Leeds and the Maguire and Garfield Spider-Men in front of a Doctor Strange portal

One of the most prevalent aspects of the film is the potential Spider-Men appearance of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. While these actors have yet to be confirmed, many fans are confident the pair will be featured. According to an anonymous 4Chan poster, Peter’s friend Ned accidentally carries the web-slingers from the alternate universe to the MCU after tinkering with Doctor Strange’s slingshot.

Ned’s antics are believed to be the source of the formation of Strange’s magical portals, suggesting that he may have some innate magical abilities. This surprising decision could greatly benefit Peter’s best friend, giving the character a bigger role in the narrative. Ned’s supposed actions here seem somewhat unlikely, however, as Strange trained for months before he could open portals, making him a very complex skill to master.

9 Alligator Loki

Alligator Loki from the TV series Loki

Debuting in Loki, Alligator Loki is a relatively new addition to the MCU and is considered by many to be one of the most impressive crocodilians on screen. Somewhat unusual theory from Reddit suggests the crocodile may appear in the movie, with actor Paula Newsome having been superimposed on Alligator Loki in the movie teasing.

An Alligator Loki cameo isn’t entirely out of the realm of the possible. Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse the plot presents to audiences Spider-Ham, who comes from a universe made up of animal versions of Marvel’s heroes and villains. If the Alligator Loki is from the same realm as the Pig Wall Crawler, then the Crocodilian could provide an easy way to bring a live Spider-Ham into the narrative.

8 The Statue of Liberty Captain America

Captain America in Age Of Ultron, and a poster for the Statue of Liberty from the set of No Way Home

Captain America’s disappearance has cast a huge shadow over the MCYou, as the people of this universe are forced to adjust to a world without one of their most powerful heroes. The starry man is remembered, through exhibitions in museums and musicals based on his exploits. According to a leak posted on Reddit, No way home may feature his own tribute to Steve Rogers.

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Rumor has it that the film’s final battle takes place over a Statue of Liberty who now wears Captain America’s shield. This rather bizarre concept actually seems quite likely to happen, having apparently been confirmed by a poster of the film’s set. The new look of the Statue of Liberty could be a nice nod to Steve’s legacy, implying that the original Captain America is still greatly missed. MCU residents.

7 The two Jamesons

J Jonah Jameson answering the phone in the Raimiverse and presenting online news in the MCU

One of Spider-Man: Far From Home Most surprising moments is the unexpected appearance of J Jonah Jameson. Portrayed once again by JK Simmons, Jameson appears in the film’s Post-Credits scene where he reports Mysterio’s death. In No way home, We Got This Covered reports that Simmons will represent the Raimiverse Jameson alongside the MCU to take.

With the sequel exploring the multiverse, JK Simmons playing a dual role seems highly likely. The MCU Jameson’s version looks noticeably different from his Raimiverse counterpart, which would allow audiences to easily tell them apart. If that’s true, it could lead to one of the funniest scenes in the franchise, as the two bond over their shared hatred of Spider-Man.

6 Doctor Strange is actually Agatha Harkness

Doctor Strange winking in Spider-Man: No Way Home and Agatha Harkness winking in WandaVision

Responsible for protecting Earth from interdimensional threats, Strange is rarely one to take unnecessary risks. The scenes of the wizard in the film’s teaser paint a different picture, however, as the wizard is ready to cast a dangerous spell despite Wong’s warnings. Twitter user @ claytonwh18 offered a potential explanation for Strange’s change in behavior, suggesting that he could actually be Agatha Harkness taking her form.

This is not the first time that Agatha has not prepared anything good, as some plot holes in the MCU‘s canon could also be explained by the presence of the witch. Kevin Feige has also previously hinted at Agatha’s return, which makes this theory very likely. Added to that how Strange is seen winking similar to Agatha’s in WandaVision, and it looks like a big-screen debut for the curious Westview neighbor could be on the cards.

5 The predicament of Peter’s multiverse

Tom Holland as Peter Parker in Spider-Man No Way Home

Spider-Man: No Path Home is confirmed to involve the multiverse, with elements of the iterations of Sam Raimi and Marc Webb intersecting with the MCU. While many viewers assume the villains have traveled all the way to Marvel Cinematic Universe, another wild theory from WhatCulture suggests otherwise.

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Some fans have suggested that this is actually the MCU Spider-Man who ended up in the Raimiverse, Peter being unable to return to his “home” universe. With previous franchise titles directly related to MCU Peter’s personal circumstances add a certain level of credibility to the theory. It’s an interesting idea and presents a new take on the story of the next film.

4 Tobey Maguire as Uncle Ben

Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man and Cliff Robertson as Uncle Ben

One of the most emblematic Spider Man the actor is Tobey Maguire, who many still consider to be the best Peter Parker. The star is widely believed to be reprising the role of No way home, alongside his original trilogy co-stars. According to We Got This Covered, the MCU Peter will initially confuse Maguire’s web-slinger with his late uncle Ben, which will make their first meeting a bit awkward.

The MCU has a previous form to feature actors from other Marvel properties in different roles, with WandaVision to present X Menis Evan Peters as Ralph Bohner. It is therefore quite possible that the MCU could also feature an Uncle Ben who shares the appearance of Tobey Maguire. It could also open up for some neat flashbacks, with the original Spider-Man star as the MCU Peter’s late mentor symbolically passes the baton to the last cinema wall-crawler.

3 Jemma Simmons cameo

Elizabeth Henstridge as Jemma Simmons in Agents of SHIELD

The end of Agents of SHIELD has left many fans devastated and hoping for Agents of SHIELD’s imminent return. One of the most popular characters in this series is Jemma Simmons. Thankfully, audiences might not have to wait long to see Jemma return, as rumors suggest the character could appear in No way home.

Simmons actor Elizabeth Henstridge was spotted near the filming location (Via Atlanta Filming). Jemma may seem like a somewhat obscure person to return, but his appearance could serve as a nod to Marvel’s beloved spy series. With a few leaks suggesting that Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock could also be featured, it looks like Marvel Studios might be interested in incorporating these TV heroes, suggesting that a Simmons cameo might be likely.

2 Leonardo DiCaprio as Spider-Man

Leonardo DiCaprio and MCU Spider-Man

Spider-Man’s first film venture was once very different. Director James Cameron originally planned to direct his own comic book adaptation, starring Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead role. Sadly, Cameron’s plans fell through when the rights held by producer Menahem Golan expired. Right now, it looks like Leonardo DiCaprio’s chances of playing the crawler have increased.

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A somewhat unusual fan theory on Reddit poses the possibility that the actor is showing up as a surprise fourth Spider-Man. With rumors for Doctor Strange With an upcoming sequel suggesting that Tom Cruise could appear as a multiversal Iron Man, a DiCaprio Spider-Man seems likely. It’s a tantalizing prospect to consider, as viewers finally get the chance to witness the actor’s take on the role.

1 Ned becomes the Hobgoblin

MCU Ned Leeds and the Hobgoblin from Spider-Man: The Animated Series

Peter has an unfortunate story of his friends turning on him in the comics. The comic book hero has seen everyone from classmate Harry Osborn to childhood pal Eddie Brock join a life of villainy. A particularly bizarre fan theory from Reddit suggests that a similar fate could befall the MCU Peter, with wall robot friend Ned Leeds becoming the infamous Hobgoblin.

While it might seem unlikely, Ned’s comedic counterpart has taken on this role before. Twitter user @StiltedBilted also believes that Jacob Bateman lost weight for the film, which might suggest that this causes him to change in the story as well. So it’s possible that Jon Watts adapted Ned Leeds’ supervillain’s alter-ego for this film, providing an interesting emotional challenge for the MCU Rock.

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