No Way Home settles Spider-Man web shooters debate (and it’s true)


Spider-Man: No Way Home brings the debate back to whether Spidey should use mechanical or organic web shooters, and apparently settles the argument.

The return of Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man: No Path Home helps settle the debate on Spidey’s web-shooters: are organic or mechanical better? The question of what kind of web shooters Peter Parker should have asked Sam Raimi’s Spider Man trilogy. While in Marvel Comics, shooters on the web were typically a device made by Peter, which would require a reload, Raimi made the strap a natural part of the Wall Robot’s powers. Like any comic book change, this proved to be somewhat divisive, and while it clearly worked for Maguire’s version, subsequent iterations of the character returned to the norm.


CA did Spider-Man: No Path Home particularly well placed to tackle the problem head-on. With No way home starring Andrew Garfield’s Maguire and the Spider-Men alongside the character of Tom Holland, this then allowed the film – and viewers – to compare and further contrast the different powers, abilities, costumes and more of each. version of Spider-Man. It mostly allows for a lot of fun jokes between the trio, but also highlights the debate on the web-shooter.

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Spider-Man: No Path HomeThe best scenes of Maguire, Garfield, and Holland all share the screen, and one example sees them discovering that Maguire’s Peter has an organic strap, rather than a mechanical web shooter. While this does lead to some confusion and level of disgust (and raises some intriguing questions), it’s clear that Garfield and Holland are genuinely in awe and jealous of Maguire’s organic web-shooters. This suggests that it is on the side of the creators of No way home take, implying that organic web shooters are the best option is a point of view that’s championed by every Spider-Man in MCU canon – and it’s right to do it.

While Spider-Man has organic web shooters might not be the traditional choice, it makes more sense for the character and his powers. Peter is, after all, believed to have the abilities of a spider, and nothing is more unique or intrinsically related to a spider than its web. The other main facet of that – Spider-Man’s ability as a wall-crawler – isn’t necessarily limited to being Spider– Man, and therefore without an organic strap, one has the impression that his powers, linked at least to the source, are a little more limited. Where’s the pleasure of being bitten by a radioactive spider if you don’t shoot webs? Maguire’s organic web-shooters give him a deeper connection to his origins and allow him to live up to his superhero moniker even better.

Of course, the main arguments in support of mechanical web shooters include their connection to Spider-Man’s status as an ordinary man, as this is something others might hope to achieve quite realistically. , and his scientific genius. Organic web-shooters shouldn’t hurt either: what defines Peter as a hero he can relate to are the struggles he faces and the choices he makes, which whether in his connections, his secret identity or as a friendly neighborhood hero. Likewise, there are many ways to show scientific expertise – something No way home nails with the three versions of Spider-Man – without the need to create web shooters.

The idea that Spider-Man has to make his own strap and can easily run out, seems a little less than a superhero ability. Maguire can lose his strap as well, but in doing so it allows for a much more impactful moment and true character development, further entrenching his choice of bow and the power of his character. Spider-Man: No Path Home makes it clear that organic web shooters are better, and it’s right to do it.

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