Paid search in a cookie-free world: are you ready?

A world without cookies: what will this major overhaul do for your business or your customers?

How will this impact on digital advertising impact the quality of leads from your paid marketing campaigns?

Eliminating third-party cookies means that Google will become even more of a walled garden.

How will you adapt to overcome this change?

On February 9, I hosted a sponsored webinar presented by Sreekant Lanka, SVP of Digital Solutions at iQuanti.

Lanka has demonstrated success beyond the cookie and new strategies to drive performance and quality acquisitions.

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The Changing Privacy Landscape

When it comes to cookies and browsing data, the privacy regulatory landscape is changing in terms of user, advertising and platform.

Traders need to keep up.

1. The mindset of customers is changing.

2. There are rapid changes in the cookie landscape.

3. The privacy policy landscape is on the cutting edge of technological change.

The focus on privacy began in 2018, leading to changes in the legal and technological landscape.

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The impact on advertising capabilities

The shift to a privacy-centric world has significant implications for the entire digital ecosystem.

A cookie-free world will impact these channels:

  • Programmatic display.
  • Paid social.
  • Paid search.

On a meta level, here are some of the additional features that will be impacted:

  • Identification resolution.
  • Targeting.
  • Range and frequency tracking.
  • Measurement and attribution.
  • Fraud detection.
iQuanti, February 2022

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Google’s Solution

Google has made some proposals in the privacy sandbox, which will help provide anonymous browsing.

Paid search in a cookie-free world: are you ready?iQuanti, February 2022

The three things that will affect search in Google’s privacy sandbox:

  • Topics API.
  • Attribution Reports.
  • Dove.

Other market players are also changing a lot around the identity space on all other platforms.

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What should search marketers do?

With paid search becoming increasingly competitive, what should search marketers do?

7 tactics you can start doing today

  1. Renewed focus on improving campaign effectiveness.
  2. Maximize the potential of your first-party data.
  3. Leverage paid search for mid-funnel.
  4. Maximize the potential of Google Marketing Platform.
  5. Create a long-term strategy for the MarTech stack.
  6. Solve for measurement and attribution.

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How to create results in paid search:

Step 1: Maximize the potential of your first-party data.

2nd step: Focus on effectiveness with keyword expansion and ad copy on landing page tactics.

Step 3: Integrate offline feed and conversion data used in paid campaigns for better ROAS.

Step 4: Break down organizational silos; brand, acquisition, technology and analytics teams to work together.

Step 5: Build a connected marketing and data ecosystem by implementing a full GMP stack and MarTech stack

Step 6: Increased focus on ROAS for long-term efficiency gains.

Step 7: Solve metrics and attributions to increase the effectiveness of media budgets.

Step 8: Continuously optimize cross-channel tactics to minimize impact changes.

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Although there is still a lot of uncertainty about the future and many things that you can’t control, there are still steps you can take to make sure you come out a winner.

Key points to remember

  • Keep a close eye on the latest industry developments, such as Google Sandbox initiatives, initiatives focused on identity resolution, browser and device changes, and more.
  • Pre-test alternative tactics that improve targeting, measurement, and use of data to discover the best channels for your business and build a future-proof business strategy.
  • Start building a robust infrastructure that maximizes the potential of first-party data and ensures compliance with new privacy regulations.

[Slides] Paid search in a cookie-free world: are you ready?

Here is the presentation:

Paid search in a cookie-free world: are you ready? from Search Engine Journal

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