PayPal offers $ 45 billion for photo-sharing social network Pinterest


PayPal Holdings Inc. is seeking to acquire social media company Pinterest Inc. for $ 45 billion, according to reports from Reuters and Bloomberg (each citing anonymous people familiar with the matter).

The pandemic and the resulting acceleration in e-commerce adoption have left PayPal able to fund the deal “mostly with stocks,” their sources say.

PayPal stock has risen 36% in the past 12 months, giving fintech brand OG a market cap of nearly $ 320 billion.

Pinterest has grown its audience to over 400 million monthly active users.

This audience could prove to be incredibly lucrative or PayPal, given that Pinterest’s user base is over 60% female and includes over 45% of people in the United States with annual family income above 100. $ 000.


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Pinterest reports that members who visit Pinterest every week spend twice as much per month as non-pinners and have an 85% larger cart.

Pinterest had already dipped its toes in the e-commerce pond; in fact, the visual social network has made it clear that it intends to provide a storefront for online sellers.

In its announcement to launch a list of new features released today, Pinterest said:

“Pinterest purposefully designs a product steeped in inspiration, inclusiveness and positivity for Pinners, Creators and Brands.

These latest features meet the changing needs and expectations of creators and consumers online, and they empower everyone to inspire, build and reach new audiences; get involved in a community around shared passions; earn money with original content and become a showcase for traders.


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Rumors coincide with the launch of more idea pins and rewards for creators

News of the potential acquisition broke just as Pinterest announced the launch of:

  • A redesigned welcome flow with the Browse and Watch tabs.
  • Take, a new engagement tool available on iOS and Android for users and creators around the world.
  • Creators’ awards, Pinterest’s first integrated monetization program for creators.
  • Integration of augmented reality for idea pins, via AR Try on.
  • Creator originals, a new 100-episode content series featuring 10 different Pinners.
  • Tagging Amazon Associates Program Products for American Pinners, who can now add Amazon affiliate links and earn a commission on qualifying purchases.

Pinterest adds visual search to video content

Of its new Idea Pins AR integration, Pinterest said:

“… Creators now have the ability to make their Idea Pins automatically purchasable by enabling buy recommendations on their Idea Pins. The “Buy Similar Products” feature uses Pinterest’s visual search technology to recommend Product Pins that are visually similar to the Pin’s content, giving users the ability to purchase what they see. “

And Creator Rewards, Pinterest explained.

“The new program is Pinterest’s latest initiative to reward creators who share their passions and inspire meaningful engagement through their content.

Access to Creator Rewards is available in the United States, through a brand new global Creator Hub, where creators can manage their presence on Pinterest with tools, tips and information.

New Pinterest features start rolling out to iOS, Android, web, and desktop today.

Even in a record year for mergers and acquisitions, it is certainly one to watch.

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