Peter Parker wasn’t the first Spider-Man to join the Avengers

Peter Parker fought alongside the Avengers for years in Marvel Comics, but he actually wasn’t the first Spider-Man to do so.

Whereas Spider Man has become a classic avengers member after partnering with them on a number of missions throughout Marvel Comics history, his association with the team hasn’t always been a given, as he actually took a while to s join the superhero team. In fact, Peter Parker took it so long that he wasn’t even the first Spider-Man to join the Avengers, because that honor went to someone far more sinister.

Peter Parker aka Spider-Man first got the offer to join the Avengers in Annual Amazing Spider-Man #3 by Stan Lee, John Romita and Don Heck. In this issue, the Avengers consider allowing Spider-Man to join their team, so they set up a trial run for the Wall-crawler to see if he’s up to the task. Unfortunately, things go awry and Spider-Man ends up fighting all of the Avengers for a little argument. Basically, the tryouts couldn’t have gone worse. However, the Avengers still decide to give Spidey a chance, so they give him the task of finding the Hulk they had lost track of some time before. Although Spider-Man was able to locate the Hulk, he realized that the Hulk was just a lost soul with the mind of a child and posed no real threat, so he let him go and tells the Avengers that joining the team wasn’t for him. However, years after that first encounter, Spider-Man would align himself with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, just as an alternate version of the Web-slinger had years before.


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In avengers #11 by Stan Lee and Don Heck, the villainous Kang the Conqueror hatches a plan to dismantle the Avengers and eliminate the team once and for all. To do this, he uses his advanced futuristic technology to create a Spider-Man-like robot he has observed as a hero with no real ties to anyone else, making him the perfect model for his plot. Avenger stealth. Since no one knew Spider-Man’s secret identity, or really anything else about him, Kang’s trickery isn’t easily detectable. So, Kang sent the fake Spider-Man to the Avengers base and asked the robot to join the team, using the real Spider-Man’s heroic experience as the basis for this request. While the Avengers initially refuse to allow Spider-Man to join, they reluctantly introduce him as one of their own after Spider-Man reveals he knows the whereabouts of Iron Man, who disappeared during the events of his solo title.

Peter Parker wasn't the Avengers' first Spider-Man.

Although it was preliminary, Kang’s robot Spider-Man technically joined the Avengers in this issue, which is the first time a Spider-Man, human or otherwise, has been able to call himself an Avenger. While this might seem like a fun and even insignificant story when it comes to Spider-Man’s career with the Avengers, it could have had an impact that went deeper than even Spider-Man realized. In this issue, the fake Spider-Man betrayed the Avengers, gaining their trust only to bring them to their impending doom. Fast forward to the events of Annual Amazing Spider-Man #3 where at least half of the Avengers are hesitant to allow Spider-Man to join, possibly due to the mistrust planted in their minds by Kang.

Regardless of whether or not Kang’s scheme to destroy the Avengers using Spider-Man’s likeness impacted their lasting opinion of him, the fact remains that an android version of Spider-Man has been able to join the Avengers before the original – a real unorthodox start and, quite frankly, unhappy with a long-standing relationship between Spider Man and the avengers.

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