Press Release Policy for New Streaming Media Providers

Since we launched Streaming Media over 20 years ago, we have offered a free, self-service press release submission form for all vendors and solution providers in the industry. It made sense back in 1998, maybe even 2008, but the sheer volume of press releases we receive each week has simply become too much to handle, and since we consider Streaming Media to be “the filter of the industry”, we want ensure we only share news from companies that have a commitment to our informed audience.

As of February 1, the self-service form will be available only to companies that are in our Streaming Media Industry Directory. This directory is printed every year Streaming Media Industry Source Book and is always available on our website. Once a business has signed up, they can update their listings as they wish. More importantly, whenever Streaming Media publishes an op-ed mentioning the company, that company’s logo and link to its directory listing will be displayed next to the relevant article.

This does not mean that our editorial is for sale. We will continue to write news articles and features highlighting the companies and stories we think our readers need to know about, whether those companies advertise or are in the Directory.

But we want our press releases section, called Industry Announcements, to be valuable for our readers as well. When they see headlines in this section of the website, or included in our bi-weekly publication Streaming Media Xtra Newslettersthey need to know that the information they are getting is from reputable companies that have decided to appear in our directory.

In a change from the previous policy, we will also post photos with press releases now, ensuring that our readers can see and read the products and services you offer. These images should be 650 pixels wide and you can paste them into the body of the form.

Soon we will protect the submission form with a password, and each company listed in our directory will receive a unique identifier. There is a small fee to participate in the Directory; in fact, we offer two levels of registrations. For more information, you can contact Joel Unickow at [email protected].

If you would like to submit stories to our editorial team, you can continue to send them to me at [email protected]and we will determine if they deserve to be placed in our news section.

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