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LONDON, August 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Publishing startup Reedsy today announced the launch of its directory of book publishers, which lists over 450 approved publishers in the US, UK, Canada, India, Australia, and other countries around the world.

The repertoire includes small presses, mid-sized publishing houses, and Big Five publishers to meet the needs of any author. Interested parties can sort by genre – with over 50 genres to choose from in fiction and non-fiction – as well as additional keywords and whether that publisher accepts agentless submissions. If they’re looking for a publisher in a certain region, they can select any major city from the available countries and then filter the conditions within that city.

This directory was designed to make it easier for authors to target their ideal publishers. “For each author, there is an optimal publication route,” explains Emmanuel Nataf, CEO of Reedsy. “We aim to make this route as smooth as possible. First, we have our market services to help authors put their books in shape. Now, this directory will help traditional publishing authors find the perfect home for these books, whether it is a small press or a large publisher.

The individual information boxes on each publisher also provide relevant information. “Authors will be able to find everything they need to know about each publisher in our directory,” says Nataf. “All the relevant information is there. These entries include the location of each publisher, estimated size, accepted book genres and formats, popular titles, and where to submit. While browsing, authors can “save” their favorite editors to a shortlist that will be emailed to them.

Reedsy also recently launched a directory of literary agents, which lists more than 600 professional agents working in all genres and literary venues. Perhaps more importantly, the Agent Directory allows authors to filter out agents who are “interested in early authors”: first-time authors who wish to submit to editors who alone accepting agent-based submissions can begin interviewing the appropriate agents immediately.

Between these directories and the many other resources Reedsy provides, every author can embark on that optimal publishing journey in no time. “It doesn’t matter how you like to post,” says Nataf, “With Reedsy, you’re in good hands.”

To find the top publishers in each country, check out the following:

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Since 2014, Reedsy has helped bring more than 15,000 books to life by connecting authors with top talent in the publishing industry. Today, more than 2,500 publishers, designers and marketers offer their services through its marketplace. Reedsy also provides author resources through the Reedsy’s Blog, free online courses through Reedsy Learning and free webinars through Reedsy Live, giving authors the industry knowledge they need to thrive in today’s publishing landscape. Reedsy’s diverse team of 40 people is entirely remote, with 15 nationalities represented and languages ​​spoken.

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