Ranking Every MCU Movie Ending Scene From Worst To Best

“Doctor Strange” is one of the few endings in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that largely avoids dialogue. This held conclusion comes after the film’s main lead (Benedict Cumberbatch) saves the world through the use of the Time Stone and returns that same artifact to safety. After these developments, Strange returns to the Sanctum Sanctorum in New York, which he will henceforth oversee.

Walking to a large window on the top floor of this establishment, Strange removes a watch from his arm, a gift from former lover Dr. Palmer (Rachel McAdams), which shows the viewer that his hands are still shaking from his accident. . The camera pulls back to emphasize not only the empty space surrounding Strange, but also the mystical wonders he now has in his daily life. Without this character saying a word, the end of “Doctor Strange” conveys the fact that one life has ended for this Avenger and another has begun.

It’s a contemplative ending that proves to be quite emotional in the context of Strange’s journey during this film, with the poignancy of this moment heightened by the wise choice to avoid dialogue. Cumberbatch’s quiet physical acting also shines in this ending, which turns out to be one of the most thoughtful and emotional conclusions in the MCU canon.

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