“Ranking on search results is a combination of various techniques”



Dr Ravindra Aher and CG Shegaonkar, President, MIA Hingna during the webinar. (Insert) Shishant Mahato.

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MIDC Industries Association (MIA) Hingna and GIZ India as part of the “Digital Marketing Webinar Series†recently hosted the final webinar on the topic “Tips and Tricks to Rank Your Business Website Top in Business Resultsâ€. research “. The expert speaker for the session was Shishant Mahato, professional digital marketing trainer and founder of Digital Magnet. CG Shegaonkar, President of MIA Hingna, kicked off the event by welcoming the speaker and all live webinar attendees. Dr Ravindra Aher from GIZ India introduced the online participants to speaker Shishant Mahato and shared her professional background. Mahato started his presentation by explaining how a search engine works. He explained how each time a search query is entered, how the search engine determines, taking into account various factors, which results to rank on the “Search Engine Results Page” based on the information to be presented according to the user’s search query. .

He shared some useful information on how background search engines work, which is similar to how AI-powered crawlers / crawlers initially search the internet database and retrieve useful information according to each. search query. Each piece of information or piece of content added through the website / company page on the Internet in accordance with certain specific guidelines is indexed and stored in the database to be retrieved whenever a search query is generated about it. , he added. As a result, he gave information about the various Google Algorithm updates such as Panda, Penguin, Pigeon and Hummingbird which continue to arrive at regular intervals and which determine the different strategies and factors to be applied to rank the page at the top of the page. search results.

He explained the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) factors that are ranked on page and off page, and which are important for getting organic rankings on search results. On-page SEO includes factors that need to be built in and improvised on the particular website to improve rankings, such as keyword selection, Alt tags, Meta description tags, Header tags, title tags, content and internal links. Off-page SEO includes factors that need to be improvised in other mediums to improve rankings, such as blogging, video and article submission, social media posting, social bookmarking, and press releases. He pointed out that with SEO, ranking on search results is a combination of various other techniques. He called on all participants, especially businesses, that ranking on search results is a long and continuous process and should not be left halfway.

“If you are able to take all of these factors into account and reach your target audience, then ultimately business is bound to grow,†he added. CG Shegaonkar thanked the speaker for covering good topics and giving good ideas to businesses, especially MSMEs, through these webinars, especially at a time when business dynamics are changing and more and more more people are going digital. Dr Ravindra Aher said that under MIA-GIZ IFC more industry related programs are being planned and will be carried out in the coming days. He also proposed the vote of thanks.


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