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The Lambsbread release “Show Love” video for title track of latest album

February 11, 2022
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The Lambsbread release “Show Love” video for title track of latest album

Filmed on the beautiful island of Maui, the Lambsbreads deliver their first video of 2022
an epic glimpse into the life and vibes of the Hawaiian Islands with the music video for “Show Love” released on February 1 to kick off
Reggae month.

The video takes us on a journey across the island, bringing the diversity and unity of the people of Maui. Shot in 4k, the video captures the incredible beauty of Lambsbread’s home island as well as the uniqueness of the community.

Based on the lyrics of the song, the video highlights the message “Show love, spread love, one love, give some more love”. Also coming into play in the video are the verses’ more introspective lyrics, “Stand tall as the top of the mountain, love in our hearts, we will suffer no defeat.” Reminding us to look within first and find that love for ourselves so we can pass it on to others.

Shot by Lambsbread keyboardist and videographer Jacob Selassie, 17, Show Love is the first in a series of videos from the new album due out this year.
Produced and registered by 21 years old. former Lambsbread drummer and producer Samuel Levi,
the song and the video give us that “One Love” feeling that people love about reggae music.

When asked about the latest video, singer-songwriter Kaya had this to say about the project: “We wanted to give people a vibe for what it’s like to be in Hawaii, and also show the diversity of the people. Hawaiian, to express the Aloha it’s still a very real part of the community”

Show Love is now available on the official Lambsbread YouTube channel

Direct link to the video:

View love album

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