Reportable’s Search Engine-Friendly Press Release Expands Reach of Announcement

Boston, MA – January 21, 2022 – News creators perform better when their ads are easily found on search engines. In fact, about two-thirds of American adults find information through search engines like Google. Reportable knows how important it is for ads to reach their audience, and that often includes the 65% of Americans who view their news online. Our proprietary wireframe technology takes full advantage of search engine discoverability, increasing significant traffic to ads made on our site. Platform.

To see the full announcement, including downloadable images, biographies and more, Click here.

Key points to remember:

  • The distribution network brings the news to online searchers for your high-impact keywords.
  • Images and videos are instrumental in conveying your message and most importantly are rewarded by search engine display algorithms.
  • The full version is hosted on a webpage you own so you can funnel and track traffic to your site.

Click on the image above to see the full announcement.

About Reportable Reportable builds and delivers communication tools for the digital age. Three products are integrated into a single software. Reportable Releases are interactive multimedia ads, which include a leading multimedia targeting database, email tracking, and advanced web traffic analytics. Reportable Newsrooms is an out-of-the-box online newsroom. Reportable Monitoring is a media monitoring and analysis service that combines the latest monitoring technologies with expert industry analysts. About NewsRx NewsRx is a technology company focused on discovering, synthesizing and delivering research in an innovative and modern way. In the 1990s, the company pioneered the use of algorithms to write news and maintained its status as a pioneer in research reporting and computer journalism. For the past two decades, NewsRx has leveraged its natural language technologies to cover research in science and medicine, economics, energy, engineering, law, politics and technology. The company has redefined search by using AI to select the most relevant and reliable information, enabling instant discovery of knowledge from trusted sources. NewsRx has always had the same mission: to share the world’s new discoveries as they happen every day.

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