Ronn Torossian on creating long-form social media content

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, September 8, 2022 / — Ronn Torossian, founder of 5WPR, says most businesses and marketers don’t seem to agree these days on what constitutes long-form content, but in general, long-form content is anything over 1000 words. Additionally, many companies believe that investing in long-form content is not worth the risk given that audiences around the world have begun to develop much shorter attention spans. However, long-form content is actually a great way for businesses to engage with a target audience, providing them with something that is truly valuable and can improve the overall customer experience. Despite what some companies think of readers looking for short content, many people want to see articles that have a lot more substance and meaning for them and provide them with a lot more value.

Search Engine Optimization
Torossian adds that companies that want to improve their search engine optimization efforts should focus on creating long-form content that will target more keywords and increase rankings on search engine results pages. There are a few different benefits that come with long content in terms of search engine optimization. The first thing is the fact that it is much easier for businesses to optimize and target a longer list of keywords when they create long-form content. This will help search engines better index and understand the content the company shares and present it to relevant search terms. Additionally, with long-form content, businesses can also generate significantly more shares on social media platforms and backlinks from other websites, which shows search engines that business content is incredibly useful for many people, as well as valuable and interesting. Finally, with long-form content, companies can drive a lot more visitors to their website simply because the content will be interesting and those visitors will spend a lot of time on the company’s website. Both of these are great signals for search engines when ranking websites.

Authoritative Content
These days, most people seem to think that longer content is much more authoritative and trustworthy, although that’s not always true. The main reason people think this is because long-form content tends to take a lot more time and effort to create. However, this type of content benefits companies to present themselves as more reliable sources of information on their subject, because through long-form content, companies give their audience the opportunity to obtain much more in-depth information. Indeed, with this type of content, companies can share their expertise and knowledge on specific topics in much more detail and present themselves as reliable sources of information for the target audience, the media and the public.

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