Sea Of Thieves season 4 will feature mermaids, sunken ruins and a shipment of loot



Lost submerged cities, submarine armies and sirens. What else could you expect from Sea of ​​Thieves season four? Rare’s latest content trailer details all of this and more to come in the next season of the Pirate Simulator, along with a shipment of new cosmetics.

But first let’s talk about the mysterious Sunken Realm, a long-lost civilization that sank beneath the waves long ago. Now it’s home to evil mermaids and their army of ocean caterpillars, but for pirates brave enough to conquer these monsters and smart enough to solve their traps, there’s a whole culture of treasure to loot.

Coral Captain’s Chests can offer big rewards if you can take them to one of the Sea of ​​Thieves trading companies, but getting from the bottom of the ocean to the top without catching the turns would be difficult in the best-case scenario, leave it alone while carrying a treasure chest. To help you out, the mermaids have set up mermaid statues where you can store your ill-gotten loot under the waves and then collect it once you reach the surface. Just look for the mermaid holding a flare for your treasure chests to appear.

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But how does an enterprising pirate find mermaid shrines? They will be marked on your map and there will be a telltale shimmer on the waves as you float above a shrine or treasure. You can also keep an eye out for the new Coral in a Bottle Message to send straight to a Mermaid Sanctuary to collect the precious Breath of the Sea potion. No one knows what he’s doing, but the trading companies are paying their noses for get your hands on it.

There are also a bunch of new cosmetics, including Sunken Sorrow ship parts, scar, and weapons that will have that signature coral infused look. A new Season Pass with 100 levels of rewards is free to all players and includes Siren’s Wraith Starship Parts and the Wicked Web Clothing Set. There are new emissary rewards, 11 new Pirate Emporium items, a new Jack-o-Looter Halloween themed cosmetic set, and a free emote to get you started.

Season four of Sea of ​​Thieves arrives Thursday, September 23.

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