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More Tom hardyprominent male career, he is no stranger to appearing in blockbuster films. Of its parts in Christophe nolan movies like Creation to his main role in Mad Max: Fury Road to his unorthodox performances in both Venom characteristics, the big budget rates do not intimidate Hardy. Of course, that’s far from Hardy’s only area as a big screen artist. He also spent a lot of time on smaller scale features like Drop and Locke over the years. Yet thanks to his work as characters like Bane in The dark knight rises, Hardy has also become a staple of blockbuster movies post-2009.

It is through this prominence that Hardy has become someone Hollywood studios regularly target for roles in potential major blockbusters. In recent years, Hardy has been approached for a wide range of big budget feature films that range from a DC Comics adaptation to a remake of a 1980s classic and even starring in a film based on a work by Tom clancy. Unfortunately for the producers of these productions, Hardy passed these films on, leaving moviegoers everywhere with seven blockbuster films one can only imagine inhabiting Hardy.

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Suicide Squad


Image from Warner Bros.

In October 2014, Warner Bros. immediately put Suicide Squad on everyone’s radar giving the film a star-studded cast Will smith, Margot Robbie, Jared leto, and Tom Hardy. The latter actor would be responsible for playing Rick Flag, the military general responsible for bringing together the various supervillains sent on a dangerous mission. Unlike other blockbusters, Hardy was in talks but ultimately didn’t appear, Hardy actually signed on the dotted line to appear in Suicide Squad. However, complications arose when Hardy’s film The ghost worked harsh overtime in her filming schedule. Over the months it became clear that Hardy should stick to his first engagement and give up. Suicide Squad. That’s exactly what happened in early 2015, a development that led Hardy to voice his public frustration at losing a major role as Flagg. Ultimately, Joel kinnaman reprized the role and Hardy got his only Oscar nomination for his endless work on The ghost. Some might say that Hardy dodged a bullet with the turn of events.

Doctor strange


Image via Marvel

For a while, it seemed like Marvel Studios was looking all over Hollywood for someone to take on the lead role of Doctor Strange. Among the very first names considered for the role was Tom Hardy, who was already in the running for other superhero movie roles at the time given his memorable work in projects like Creation. Since Hardy had played selfish and intense characters in movies like Locke, it’s easy to see that it could have matched Strange’s origin story. Although Marvel was apparently excited about the concept, Hardy fell by the wayside and Benedict Cumberbatch eventually became the favorite to play the Sorcerer Supreme. While there have never been any official leaked reasons why Hardy didn’t get the role, it was likely Hardy’s initial involvement in Suicide Squad, a 2016 comic book film from rival distributor Warner Bros./DC, helped shut the door on the possibility of Hardy entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell


Image via Ubisoft

Film adaptations of Tom Clancy’s properties almost always seem to attract top actors. Everyone from Ben affleck To Chris Pin To Michael B. Jordan appeared in these types of productions. There was a point where it emerged that Tom Hardy was set to join these actors headlining a film adaptation of the video game series Tom Clancy. Exploded cell, once set to be crossed out by Doug Liman. First scheduled for November 2012, when Hardy had just finished his work at The dark knight rises and Without faith or law, the film languished in development hell for years. Constant setbacks, like the loss of Liman as a director, continued to send Exploded cell Back to the drawing board. Although in 2017, the film’s producer said Exploded cell was about to become a reality, with Hardy still on board to play, it was the last major development on the project. No concrete reason has ever been given as to why Hardy Exploded cell ran out of gas, though given the history of video game movies, perhaps Hardy should be thankful that this never became a reality.

Sinister Six

Sinister Six

Image via Marvel Comics

One thing the leaked emails from the Sony Pictures Entertainment hack gave the general public was a glimpse into the creative process behind Sony’s initial plans for Spider Man films before Marvel Studios stepped in to establish a new cinematic journey for the web crawler. Among these initial plans were ideas for Drew goddard Sinister Six film, which was full of studio executives shooting high-profile actors they hoped to attract for the film. In addition to the likes of Denzel Washington and George clooney, another A-lister mentioned as a potential cast member was Tom Hardy. Goddard really wanted Hardy to play the role of Sandman and even referenced in an email how cooler this villainous role would be than Doctor Strange, for which Hardy was courted at the time. None of these actors have ever been approached for Sinister Six, however, and the whole project ultimately collapsed between the fingers of Sony executives like, well, grains of sand.

X-Men: Apocalypse


Image via 20th Century Fox

Oscar Isaac made his displeasure in his experience by describing the titular villain of X-Men: Apocalypse no secret. Trapped in layers of blue makeup and a restrictive costume, Isaac, according to his co-star Tye Sheridan, couldn’t even sit on the set when he was in character. However, it was almost Tom Hardy, rather than Isaac, who took on the immensely uncomfortable part of Apocalypse. In a trade report in October 2014, it was noted that Hardy was the frontrunner to portray the infamous Apocalypse, although it is not known if a formal agreement has ever been sent to Hardy. Between Hardy and Isaac, it’s obvious the producers of this project wanted a big name for the X-Men to tackle their 2016 solo release. Hardy certainly could have done the trick in terms of star power and he also had previous experience playing villains from superhero movies in The dark knight rises. It wasn’t even the first time that the First class era of X Men the movies had thought of using Hardy, like that of Matthieu Vaughn original vision of a First class The sequel involved making Hardy a young Wolverine. But of course, Isaac would ultimately be the one to take on the role of Revelation. In retrospect, it’s likely that Isaac wishes Hardy had been successful in securing the role instead.

The Legend of Tarzan

Alexandre-Skarsgard-Tarzan JPEG

Image via Warner Bros .;

If you want to ask an actor to play the flagship character of Tarzan, you need a cheesecake that won’t look bad swaying in just a loincloth on screen and you need a performer who can give some emotional tangibility to a movie starring a guy who can talk to monkeys. It is therefore not surprising that once David Yates signed to lead The Legend of Tarzan, he and distributor Warner Bros. were looking for a multitude of dramatic crushes to take on the lead role. Although the eventual leader Alexandre skarsgard was among the top picks for the role, that initial list also included Tom Hardy. Hardy playing Tarzan under Yates was a particularly interesting notion since, just two years before the casting of The Legend of Tarzan In progress, Hardy and Yates were scheduled to collaborate on an Al Capone movie named Cicero. This production failed, but Hardy ended up staring in a gangster biopic titled Capone directed by Josh Trank. It’s easy to imagine a topless Hardy with long hair swaying through the jungle, but for some reason Hardy never signed on to represent the Lord of the Apes, with Skarsgard instead being called upon to handle the blockbuster a la square.

Escape from New York


Image Via AVCO Embassy Pictures

The concept of remaking Escape from New York has been bouncing around Hollywood for a long time now. In 2013, an iteration of this project was sufficiently advanced that two big stars were considered the favorites to play Snake Plissken: Jason statham and Tom Hardy. It’s easy to see Statham more in the tough guy vein of Kurt russel while Hardy seems more like the choice you would make to make sure you bring something new and fresh to the room. Considering Mad Max: Fury Road was already filming at this point, it’s also likely that the producers thought it would be a good idea to bring in someone with experience headlining films rooted in pop culture from the 1980s. Of course, despite initial ambitions to have someone in the role by the end of summer 2013, neither Statham nor Hardy took on the lead role in this remake, as this version of Escape from New York never got off the drawing board. Hardy fans looking to see him in a modern take on a classic 1980s film will have to settle for revisiting Road of fury.

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