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Insomniac is already hard at work on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, with an estimated launch date of 2023. After the resounding success of the original game in 2018, then the equally enjoyable spin-off Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales at the end of last year, expectations are naturally very high. The reveal trailer Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 which premiered during the last State of Play back teased a darker tone, cooperative elements, and the appearance of new villains like Venom.


The next adventure for the wall-crawler isn’t the only Marvel project Insomniac is tackling though, as during that same aforementioned state of affairs it was also announced that the studio would be developing Marvel’s Wolverine. Considering that both games will be made under the roof of Insomniac’s studio, many fans have jumped on the conclusion of a possible crossover or cameo between the two characters. The Marvel Universe is well known for connecting and integrating multiple characters and storylines, so it is possible. However, it is worth considering that even if this would raise Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, this is just as likely to detract from the overall experience.

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Wolverine would be a wonderful addition

Marvel's Wolverine Insomniac Games game developers gouges cut nicks

It might seem like the most basic rationale, but Wolverine shows up in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 would be a great inclusion just to be downright cool. The Savage Mutant is one of Marvel’s most beloved and popular superheroes, with a comic book story as rich and engaging as the web-slinger. Based on the reveal trailer of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Peter and Miles will have their hands full with a legion of new villains. Venom and Kraven the Hunter have been teased, with fan theories believing that Green Goblin and Lizard will be on the prowl in the sequel as well.

This onslaught of new enemies can be too much for Peter and Miles to handle, forcing Spider-Man to enlist additional help from Wolverine. Peter has traveled overseas, his absence being a major subplot in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. During his travels, Peter may have crossed paths with Wolverine, making a new ally in the adamantium-infused mutant. It could be a stretch, but even a small appearance in a cutscene or two would certainly send players into a wave of excitement.

Wolverine may distract from Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 tale

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Peter Miles Mask Functionality

That being said, there is the flip side that the inclusion of Wolverine would hurt the game more than it help it. As noted, Wolverine is popular just like Spider-Man and is just as capable of chewing up the scenery. There is a risk that the character could potentially steal the show from Spider-Man in his own game if he were to be included too much. Look no further than the massive ensemble films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in which some characters could arguably be seen as stealing the show from others.

Wolverine’s popularity aside, including him in any meaningful way could also be a difficult task from a writing standpoint. The sequel already has plenty of plot threads to juggle, with the fallout from Doc Ock’s plan, why Peter was traveling abroad, and the mystery behind what happened to Harry Osborn. This is all likely to be a busy adventure, so involving another major player in the mix can distract from other crucial parts of the story.

A little clue on Insomniac’s next one Marvel’s Wolverine In the form of an Easter Egg or even being mentioned on a radio show by Jameson would be nice, but something bigger than that could be a perfect fit for what is already shaping up to be a massive game. It remains to be seen how much ambition Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Ultimately will be, but it’s likely to be a great sequel no matter if a certain happy mutant shows up.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is slated for release in 2023 on PS5.

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