Sinister War Shows How Deadly Hunter Kraven’s Daughter Is


The child of one of Spider-Man’s foes just used Marvel’s grim war chaos to deliver a potentially fatal blow to the Wall Robot.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Marvel Comics’ Sinister War # 2, now on sale.

As one of Marvel’s most notable heroes, Spider-Man has unleashed a slew of villains over the years, with many playing prominent roles in the current game. Grim war. But a minor villain just received perhaps the most vicious hit against the hero yet.

Spider-Man barely beat any of his enemies in Grim war # 2 of Nick Spencer, Ed Brisson, Mark Bagley, Diogenes Neves, Carlos Gomez and Ze Carlos – and Anastasia Kravinoff seems to have taken advantage of this chaos to deliver a fatal blow to the web-slinger.

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Spider-Man Sinister War 2 2 Ana Kraven

Since its beginnings in The Incredible Spider-Man # 1 by Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley, Kindred has moved backstage and wreaked havoc for Peter Parker and those close to him. Now his increasingly dangerous endgame appears to be heating up, with Kindred transforming many of the Wallbot’s oldest enemies into his Agents of Chaos. Capturing a number of villains and infecting them with extensions of himself, he promises to reward the villains who bring him Spider-Man – dead or alive – while the rest all suffer from their failure. This resulted in a massive collection of villains attacking Spider-Man, who can usually defend against multiple enemies, but risks being overwhelmed by the large number of enemies that attacked him.

Amid the chaos caused by all the bad guys, Spider-Man finds himself trying to avoid the Syndicate – Beetle, Scorpia, Lady Octopus, White Rabbit, Trapster, and the second Electro. The team rushes at Spider-Man as Overdrives tries to escape the battle-ravaged graveyard with Spider-Man in tow. The Web Head does his best to evade the villains, barely dodging attacks from the six different villains, unaware that his Spider-Sense is trying to warn him of their new seventh member lying in wait in the shadows. ‘nearby gravestone: Anastasia Kravinoff, who is able to sneak up on the hero and stab him in the back with her knife.

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Spider-Man's Grim War 2 2 Ana Kraven 3

Introduced in The Incredible Spider-Man # 565, Ana is the daughter of Kraven the Hunter, Spider-Man’s longtime nemesis, and his wife Sasha. Gifted with the same physical advantages as her father (as well as a latent connection to the Inhumans), Ana was one of the main figures in the overall story of “Grim Hunt” which saw her father resurrect. Ana turned out to be perhaps the most ruthless of Kraven’s family and first embraced her heritage. But during the story of “Hunted” and learning of her father’s intentions for his cloned “sons”, Ana left, turning her back on her last name. She has not been seen since but is revealed during Grim war # 2 having been recently approached by the Union about a place on their team.

Despite Beetle’s concerns that they don’t need another set of hands, Scorpia maintains they need someone to give the squad a bit of an edge – especially after their recent reluctant squad. with Spider-Man. Ana has already proven herself, dealing Spider-Man a serious blow as the rest of the villains fight each other for the right to kill the Wall-Crawler. It is possible that this move is even technically Is kill Spider-Man – which would allow Kindred to revive Peter as part of his brutal torture, similar to what he did to the web-thrower when he previously captured him. Now, thanks to their newest member, the Syndicate has taken a brutal step closer to winning the contest and slaying one of Marvel’s greatest heroes.

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