Six ways to grow your cross-platform engagement

By Vipasha Joshi

A cross-platform social media strategy is like a Rubik’s cube, you have to line up all the colors to be successful. With each social media platform presenting its own set of unique challenges and opportunities, it’s important to work in unison on all of them to be effective and successful.

Here are some tips that will help you grow your cross-platform engagement:

Choose the right technology partner

Social media is not the space where you can thrive in isolation, it is necessary to collaborate with experts to better understand the full potential of optimizing and monetizing your content as well as expanding the reach of your presence. on social networks. Always look for the technology partner that best serves your goals and also matches your vision. Along with collaboration, you can also use the provided social media plugins and use them to drive traffic from different social platforms. Social media integration with companies that work on content optimization and all-around optimization will be a perfectly balanced mix, where you can focus more on the creative side of content creation and not worry too much content optimization, post-production.

Always cross-promote

One of the best ways to grow your cross-platform engagement is to cross-promote your brand/profile. You can always leverage your followers or audiences on one platform to grow your other platforms. Using cross-platform promotion will give you wider reach, drive faster growth, and maximize your overall engagement. Some ways to cross-promote your content are to add links to all of your social media profiles on each platform, offer exclusive content on a specific platform, and promote content you have created on one. platform on others to migrate your user base to all your social media platforms. Exclusive content will undoubtedly create a strong pull to your other platforms, as the combination of engaging new content and fear of missing out (FOMO) will make it irresistible and in turn generate more cross-platform engagement.

Keep a close eye on evolving algorithms and analytics

Today, it is no longer enough that you or your brand exist on these platforms. It’s also important to understand and closely monitor all the changing algorithms these platforms follow, that way you can be on top of the most consumed content and stay relevant. Analytics also requires a keen eye, as you need to understand who, what, and when the content you create gets the most traffic and interest. The reason social media platforms use algorithms is to organically filter the vast amount of content available on each platform. Therefore, it’s important to understand algorithm changes and break down analytics to better understand your content consumer base. A large portion of content creators are unaware of algorithm changes that could affect their content and optimization. It is therefore necessary to be in tune with the algorithms to generate income and also to develop on several platforms.

Improve search engine ranking

One of the key ways to boost your cross-platform engagement is to improve your search engine rankings. Although this is common knowledge, understanding how to improve rankings is a bit more complicated. Clearly, like all other variables in the creator space, consistency will be the biggest contributor to better visibility. With attention spans getting shorter and shorter, having a high search capacity is key to increasing your engagement outside of your platform’s bubble, which will require you to partner with experts who will help you improve your SEO ranking.

Create quick view reports

Use your social media analytics to your best advantage. Almost all social media platforms offer the option to view your analytics. You can track your performance overview, metrics breakdown table as well as your post breakdown where you can analyze engagement on the post. It will also help you gauge your social media performance and understand what content is performing well, which is trending, and which is best suited for cross-platform optimization.

In-depth knowledge of sustainable and relevant content

It is necessary to know what type of content is sustainable and relevant. It’s easy to be a wonder on social media where everything has the potential to go viral once, but to grow your presence, visibility, and optimize your content, it’s important to understand the need for long-lasting content. It is also crucial to know that content validity differs across genres, as does content duration. So it’s good to be educated on the type of content that will work in the long run. It is therefore imperative for creators who need to improve their skills in sustainable content and to be accompanied in optimization to partner with an expert to allow their growth.

To manifest and amplify the benefits of cross-platform engagement, you will need to expand your presence. It’s a task to manage cross-platform engagement, but the more you diversify your social media presence, the better the impact you’ll create.

The author is country manager, Jellysmack

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