Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters gets a makeover



After failing to kick a Spider-Man Cinematic Universe out of The Amazing Spider-Man films, Sony loaned the web-slinger to Marvel Studios as it attempted to launch another Spider-Man cinematic universe, this time without its titular hero.

Perhaps surprisingly given Sony’s track record, things actually got off to a good start in 2018 with the Tom Hardy leading. Venom proving a hit with fans and the public to the tune of $ 856 million in box office receipts and paving the way for Jared Leto’s headliner Morbius and more Venom: let there be carnage (the two we’re still waiting for, courtesy of the coronavirus).

Where Sony has slipped, however, is its name for this shared universe of characters linked to Spidey, opting for the rather awkward universe of Marvel characters from Sony Pictures, or SPUMC for short. However, it looks like the studio has now rethought, as Collider reports that the SPUMC has been renamed and now officially bears the nickname “Sony’s Spider-Man Universe.”

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What this name change apparently indicates – if Kevin Feige’s previous comments about Spider-Man being the only hero capable of traversing cinematic universes weren’t enough – is that it’s just a matter of time before the wall-crawler does indeed join the universe which bears its name. Current Disney and Sony deal only lasts for one MCU appearance after Spider-Man: No Path Home (which is not a Spider Man solo movie), and while it’s always possible to go beyond that, it’s clearly only a matter of time before Tom Holland’s Spidey hits the… SSMU? SMU?


For the first time in Spider-Man cinematic history, our likable neighborhood hero is unmasked and is no longer able to separate his normal life from the big issue of being a superhero. When he asks Doctor Strange for help, the stakes get even more dangerous, forcing him to find out what it really means to be Spider-Man.

Spider-Man: No Path Home sees Jon Watts (Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spider-Man: Far From Home) directed by Tom Holland (Spider-Man), Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange), Zendaya (MJ), Marisa Tomei (Tante May), Jacob Batalon (Ned Leeds), Tony Revolori (Flash Thompson), Jamie Foxx (Electro) and Alfred Molina (Doctor Octopus).


Spider-Man: No Way Home is scheduled for release on December 17, 2021.


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