Sophia Lillis was born to play Mayday Parker (aka Spider-Girl)

The internet never ceases to amaze. For example, this new fan cast. Actress Sophia Lillis is the perfect Mayday Parker, Spider-Girl.

For some unexplained reason, it seems Marvel is allergic to giving Spider-Man a happy ending. Peter Parker has been through hell in comics and live-action adaptations over the years – not to mention the tragic cancellation of 1994 Spider Man animated series.

In each of Spidey’s incarnations, the arachnid hero has been denied the love of his life and treated with borderline cruelty by comic book writers. I mean, who could forget the travesty that was Spider-Man: One More Day?

Even the most recent live-action trilogy starring Tom Holland seems to have ended on a sour note — at least, for now. However, it wasn’t all bad news for the web crawler in Marvel Comics’ rich fantasy world. If there’s one character who has an incredible plethora of alternate reality versions of himself, it would be the Amazing Spider-Man, and one of the Spider-Verse’s most criminally overlooked characters would be perfect for both. expected from Sam Raimi. Spiderman 4.

Thanks to Spider-Man: No Coming Homefans finally got confirmation that Raimi Spider Man The trilogy is set in an alternate universe that differs vastly from the world of the main Marvel Comics continuity. The fact that Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker doesn’t know who or what the Avengers are proves that the world he inhabits with Kirsten Dunst’s Mary Jane Watson is far from the continuity of the 616 universe.

As fans rekindle their love for Raimi’s original live-action trilogy, there has been growing demand to see a sequel to Maguire’s Spider-Man story, and now that all actors involved in the original trilogy are considerably older – two decades older, to be precise – this could be the perfect opportunity to introduce a new face to Raimi’s Spider-Verse: Mayday Parker (Spider-Girl).

Daughter of Peter and Mary Jane from an alternate future, Mayday shares her father’s arachnid powers, eventually taking on the role of Spider-Girl. Given some clues left by Peter Parker’s version of Maguire in No coming homefans know he and Mary Jane are still together in their world, which could mean a Mayday Parker is more than likely a possibility.

When it comes to creating a character so integral to the modern Spidey mythos, we believe there’s an actress who bears an uncanny resemblance to how Mayday is portrayed in the comics. by Stephen King This (2017) Prodigy Sophia Lillis has been one of the most in-demand young actresses of recent years, and she has both the looks and the acting skills to easily pull off a character like Mayday Parker (Spider-Girl) .

The best part about casting Sophia Lillis as Mayday Parker is that her age – twenty – almost perfectly matches the character and Raimi’s. Spider Man continuity. Some of the more discerning fans have also noticed that Sophia Lillis looks a lot like what May Parker looks like during the Spider-Geddon Marvel comics event, with the messy short hair and all.

Sophia Lillis was born to play Mayday Parker (aka Spider-Girl)

Since Spider-Geddon the saga seems to be involved in the eternal spider worms idea, it would also be possible that Lillis (and Mayday) fans will see the character first in the upcoming – and highly anticipated – Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse animated film in 2023.

Even though it’s just a voice role, the similarities between Sophia Lillis and Mayday Parker are just too obvious to ignore. Let’s just hope the producers working at both Marvel and Sony continue the current trend of placating fans with top-notch fan service, and maybe we’ll eventually get the Spiderman 4 all of us Spidey fans have always dreamed of.

Tell us, would you like to see Sophia Lillis as Mayday Parker (Spider-Girl)?

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