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If you are a leader, expert, author or entrepreneur who needs to get in front of an audience to grow your business and change more lives, then the new SpeakerTunity Cities® Regional Speaker Directories® will make your life a whole lot easier!

These one-of-a-kind directories save speakers time searching for meetings, venues and associations within driving distance of their home or office.organizations that host speakers!

“We’ve made sure no speaker ever asks, ‘Where can I find gigs?'” says SpeakerTunity’s Jackie Rabbit. “Our goal is to save speakers and executives thousands of research hours, so they can focus on BOOKING and make a difference!”

Finding and contacting booking coordinators for regional speaking opportunities has never been easier. Each of the 75 regional directories contains 1,500 to 3,000 contacts in each of four main categories: business meetings (broken down by industry, ethnicity and gender), service and philanthropic groups, venues where speakers speak directly to consumers; and spiritual, conscience-based or faith-based opportunities. Over 100 specialized categories make it easy to find the right match of opportunities.

SpeakerTunity Cities® is perfect for experts in almost any field of endeavor, including coaches, transformational leaders, health practitioners, authors, and entrepreneurs who speak to scale their success.

The investment for an initial market is $479. Markets are also grouped by region, providing significant cost savings.

Go to www.SpeakerTunityDirectories.com/Cities for more details or to choose your repertoire.

Jackie Rabbit
(818) 707 1473
[email protected]

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