SpeakerTunity® Launches SpeakerTunity Speaker Specialties® — “Niche” Speaker Directories Across North America, Facilitating Virtual Speaking Opportunities Anywhere

SpeakerTunity Speaker Specialties® pulls together SpeakerTunity®’s extensive speaker database for contacts in highly sought-after genres of business and educational networking, association meetings, and special interest and support groups – and delivers them directly to leaders , experts, entrepreneurs, coaches, authors and more looking to grow their business by speaking.

With SpeakerTunity Speaker Specialties®, the subscribers :

  • Select gender
  • Determine if they want the leads in all of North America or just in their geographic region (East, West, Midwest, South or Canada),
  • Download their Excel file or a PDF
  • Contact us to determine if the meeting has gone virtual, then SIGN UP…or get on a list to speak in person once things have opened up.
  • Prepare a calendar with concerts EVERYWHERE!

SpeakerTunity Speaker Specialties® is launching with over 60 highly requested slots, with more to come. Niche requests can be taken at the bottom of the website page.

“With the large number of meetings resuming, but doing so virtually, we knew we had to meet the demand from leaders seeking to be reserved to speak beyond their own backyards,” said Jackie Rabbitfounder of SpeakerTunity®. “Busy people want to get straight to meetings in their niche almost anywhere without a lot of headaches and searching, so we’ve made it incredibly easy with SpeakerTunity Speaker Specialties®.

To visit www.SpeakerTunityDirectories.com/specialties.com for more information or to order your niche directory.

About SpeakerTunity®:
SpeakerTunity® is the Speaker & Leader Resource Company is the company that gets you up more steps, faster and with less effort. It provides live and virtual speaker directories, including 75 regional directories for the United States and Canadaand 60 niche-specific directories with thousands of speaking contacts.www.SpeakerTunity.com

Jackie Rabbit
(818) 707 1473
[email protected]
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jackielapin
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/speakertunity

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