Spider-Man dethrones Batman and Superman as the world’s most valuable comic



Spider-Man, Batman, and Superman have long reigned supreme as the most popular and therefore most valuable superheroes. However, the DC Titans were generally sitting over the web head. At an auction on September 9, Amazing fantasy # 15, this first Spider-Man appearance sold for $ 3.6 million, breaking the record for the world’s most valuable comic book.

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History of the world’s most valuable comic book

Comic book milestones are sure to drive up the prices. Whether it’s a character’s first appearance, first black superheroine, or first team appearance, the firsts are sure to be valuable.

Action comics # 1 was Superman’s first appearance and the first comic book to launch the superhero genre in the West.

With a large number of firsts, Action comics # 1 has held the title of the world’s most valuable comic book for years. It was even the first comic book sold for over a million dollars.

New Atlas noted that several other comics have since passed the million dollar mark.

Marvel comics # 1…Detective Comics # 27 (Batman’s first appearance), Batman # 1 (the first standalone Batman comic book), and Amazing fantasy # 15 (Spider-Man’s first appearance) having all sold above that mark.

And the prices have only increased. Action comics # 1 sold more than tripled its selling price in 2010.

Action comics # 1 set the most recent record auction price for a comic book in 2014 at $ 3,207,852, â€New Atlas reported.

Spider-Man’s First Appearance Is The World’s Most Valuable Comic

Superman’s debut sold for $ 3.2 million, making it the most valuable comic book in the world. Batman # 1 maintained second place with $ 2.2 million.

“The most expensive copy of Amazing fantasy # 15 [sold] up for auction was the CGC Near Mint-rated 9.4 Heritage copy sold in March 2020. The issue sold for $ 795,000, â€New Atlas reported. “In March 2011, a copy of Amazing Fantasy # 15 sold privately for $ 1.1 million. “

Heritage Auctions has a habit of selling high priced comics in great condition, selling Batman # 1 for $ 2.2 million and Detective Comics # 27 for $ 1.5 million.

The sale of Spider-Man shattered those nearly $ 1.5 million records.

Marvel Comics vs. DC Comics

It’s no secret that the Marvel movies of the past decade have turned out to be far more lucrative than DC. Despite this, DC enjoyed the luxury of Superman and Batman, even ranking above Marvel’s most popular web-slinger.

The trailer for Spider-Man: No Path Home clears most viewed YouTube video records in less than 24 hours. Some believe DC’s grip might crumble now that Spider-Man is claiming the world’s most valuable comic book.

However, this is not entirely true.

Total sales of the Superman and Batman main series exceed Spider-Man’s lifetime comic book sales by hundreds of millions. Marvel’s second best-selling series, X Men, is more than doubled by Superman to around 600 million euros.

In the modern age, it all comes down to the profit of a title. Marvel made its mark in cinema with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, while DC maintained its status in comics.

Despite what fans think, there isn’t any deep animosity between Marvel and DC. The comic book industry faces the same struggles and successes together.

Where Marvel hits the headlines, the news positively impacts every comic book.

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