Spider-Man executive was initially angered with MCU crossover



Early negotiations to bring Spider-Man into the MCU involved heated discussions and the Sony executive Amy pascal would have thrown a sandwich at Kevin feige.

In the recently published book The History of Marvel Studios: The Creation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, authors Tara Bennett and Paul terry Investigate the history of the MCU, revealing curious moments, like the encounters that allowed Spider-Man to step into Feige’s web of storytelling.

As the book describes, Feige had been a silent consultant to every Spider-Man movie Sony produced, and someone Pascal loved to come up with new ideas. As we can read in the book, the conflict between the two producers began during a lunch meeting, during which “Pascal wasted no time in expressing his strong desire that Feige be more directly involved, to creatively, in the making of Sony Pictures ” The Incredible Spider-Man 3â€. However, once Pascal revealed what the non-produced film intended to do, the MCU producer was quick to respond, “Amy, in all honesty, this isn’t going to work.”

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Pascal was surprised not only by the quick rejection of what she thought were good ideas at the time, but also by Feige’s counter-proposal. Feige’s words, transcribed in the book, were:

“The only way for me to know how to do something is to do it entirely. So why not let us do it? Don’t think of it as two studios. And don’t think of that as giving the rights back to another studio. No change of rights. No change of money hands. You just need to hire us to produce it. Pretend it’s like what DC did with Christopher Nolan. I’m not saying we’re Nolan, but I’m saying there’s a production company that does it pretty well. Just hire the services of that production company to make the movie.

As Pascal told the authors of the book, “’At first I was very resentful. I think I started to cry and threw him out of my office, or threw him a sandwich – I don’t know which one. The strong reaction came from his fear that Spider-Man would somehow be pulled from Sony. But, over time, she also concluded that letting Feige produce a new version of the Web Crawler would be the best way to go. As the book says:

Pascal called Feige back the next day after their lunch. The idea of ​​a collaboration between Sony and Marvel Studios had not left her. After hearing her specific thoughts on what to do with Spider-Man in the MCU, she admits, “The idea of ​​confronting him with a world where everyone had everything and he had nothing was a whole new one. way of telling his story. I was like, ‘Damn, this guy is smart.’ ”

And so 2017 Spider-Man: Homecoming saw the light of day, allowing fans to see the hero become an Avenger. Now, almost five years later, Sony and the MCU could go their separate ways again, as Spider-Man: No Path Home hits theaters on December 17th, featuring Alfred Molinaof doctor Octopus, Jamie foxx‘s Electro, and Willem Dafoe‘s Green Goblin, all the villains from previous interactions with the Web Crawler. Consider that Tom holland say that No way home looks like the last chapter of a franchise, and it looks like Spider-Man is set to make the jump from the MCU to the SPUMC in the next movie.

On top of that, with Venom: let there be carnage break down the barrier between the SPUMC and the MCU and Tom hardyVenom reportedly made an appearance in Morbius, Sony is investing a lot of money and energy into the idea of ​​a shared universe, which could work better with the inclusion of Holland’s Spider-Man. We’ll probably have a better idea of ​​what happens next once Spider-Man: No Path Home breaks the Multiverse on December 17th.

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