Spider-Man is coming to PUBG Mobile in the latest update


Tencent Games and Krafton Inc. have teamed up with Sony Pictures to bring Marvel’s Spider-Man to the world of PUBG-Mobile. The content is clearly still part of ongoing promotions for the film Spider-Man: No Coming Home, as you can enter a special new theme mode of the game to team up with the current version of the web crawler to help you win on a brand new map. The crossover is part of the game’s 1.8 update, which brings a map called Aftermath that looks more like a post-war DMZ than an abandoned island. We’ve got more information on Spider-Man’s inclusion below, and you can read the full 1.8 patch notes here.

Credit: Tencent Games

A first collaboration with the beloved character and Sony Pictures, a number of new activities and items will provide players with the full superhero experience. Players can enter Theme Mode and travel to Erangel or Livik to team up with Spider-Man to battle mysterious monsters, earn cool free items and a chance to shoot webs and roam the map as the masked hero .

Players can visit Mylta Power in Erangel to meet the secret boss and defeat them with Spider-Man to get advanced supplies. Additionally, players can also get a No Way Home Web Shooter, allowing them to shoot webs at buildings while slowing enemies with well-timed shots. Find and Loot the Cobweb Covered Spider-Man: No Coming Home Crates that spawned across Erangel to get the No Way Home Web Shooter, plus other basic and free supplies Spider-Man: No Coming Home elements. Finally, the No Way Home spider web ball has also been added, which sprays webs across a large area, slowing players who pass through them. Use it tactically to get easy kills!

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