Spider-Man: No Way Home Confirms Kraven and Scorpion Cameos

A Spider-Man: No Way Home featurette confirms that Kraven and Scorpion were, in fact, among the many mysterious figures in the Multiversal Rift.

Camoes by two of the Web-Slinger’s most iconic foes in Spider-Man: No Coming Home were confirmed by a featurette from the film’s recent digital release.

While the identities of many of the figures that appeared in the Multiversal Rift towards the end of the film remain shrouded in mystery, an official featurette detailing No coming homeThe various Easter eggs confirm that Kraven the Hunter and Scorpion were among the multiverse beings attempting to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe. “We see a figure carrying a spear, which appears to be Spider Man rogue, Kraven the hunter,” says the voiceover accompanying the featurette. The featurette will highlight a second silhouette, with the voiceover saying, “It looks like the thug with the deadly flapping tail, Scorpion.

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Kraven and Scorpion’s multiversal cameos were first spotted by a fan in a video uploaded earlier this year, in which the two villains were discerned along with other iconic Rogues such as Rhino, Mysterio and Black Cat. . While these latter characters have yet to be confirmed, the featurette revealed that a third silhouetted villain was the six-armed Spider-Man who first appeared in 1971. The Amazing Spider-Man #100 by Stan Lee, Gil Kane and Frank Giacoia.

Fans have offered many theories for how these multiversal villains might take on the MCU’s resident crawler, with one in particular detailing how Scorpion and his criminal alter-ego Mac Gargan might take on Spidey. in a future movie. After his first appearance in the MCU in Spider-Man Homecoming as the potential buyer of the Vulture’s weapons, Gargan swore revenge on Spider-Man after he was arrested by the police. That said, the fan theory predicts the arm that Doc Ock lost in his battle against the Green Goblin in No coming home could become the basis for the Scorpion costume, as the MCU has a history of choosing characters from the past creating something or someone new in the present.

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Kraven, meanwhile, is already set to star in his own feature film in which Aaron Taylor-Johnson will play the legendary hunter. Taylor-Johnson shared an update on the project earlier this month, saying he “has got a bunch of stunt practice to do for this movie,” so he and director JC Chandor will be busy build muscle for the next two weeks.” Kraven the hunter also would have cast his villain, as Catch-22 Star Christopher Abbott has been cast as the film’s antagonist, who sources say will be the Outlander – a master assassin and former husband of mercenary, Silver Sable.

Spider-Man: No Coming Home is now on digital. The film arrives on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD on April 12.

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