Spider-Man villain’s suicide squad is more disturbing than James Gunn’s


In Sinister War, a Spider-Man villain created his own version of the Suicide Squad, even giving Amanda Waller’s iconic movement a new twist.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Sinister War # 2, available now from Marvel.

Spider-Man has been going through hell lately, due to Kindred’s manic machinations. The demon who was once Peter Parker’s best friend has returned for revenge on those who offended him, and the web-head is at the top of his list. To implement his plans, Kindred literally introduced his creepy tendrils into the minds of some of the crawler’s greatest enemies, turning them into his own version of Amanda Waller’s Suicide Squad.

Spider-Man has been caught in the sights of a number of his classic villains, with five unique teams of his thugs for his blood at Kindred’s not-so-sweet request. As revealed in Grim War # 2 (by Nick Spencer, Ed Brisson, Mark Bagley, Diogenes Neves, Carlos Gomez, Ze Carlos, Andrew Hennessy, John Dell, Andy Owens, Brian Reber and Joe Caramagna of VC), the villain who was once Harry Osborn took on the term “puppet master “more literally than anyone ever should.

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Before the villainous teams started hunting Spider-Man, many of them were captured by Kindred. After being shot by the evil evil, they awoke to find themselves in a dark mausoleum with no memory of how they arrived. Kindred introduced himself to the group as their malicious host before revealing that he had implanted some of his trademark bugs in their brains, and assuring them that if they didn’t do what he wanted, he would ask his insects begin to feast on their gray matter.

As horrible as it all is, it’s not a totally new tactic. DC’s Amanda Waller used a similar strategy to ensure compliance for Task Force X, aka Suicide Squad. Although she doesn’t use bugs to get her ends, the bureaucratic anti-hero is known to plant criminal agents with bombs in their heads that she won’t hesitate to detonate if a member of his team acts in a way that goes against their goals.

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Kindred’s version of Amanda Waller’s oldest trick is certainly more gruesome than anything she has ever imagined, with the villains under her forced employment having little time to complete their task before the bugs devour completely. their brains. Even though Kindred has stated that he was able to kill the parasites before it happened, there is no way of knowing if he will or not, especially if his agents fail in their mission.

Kindred has already given his agents the task of assassinating Spider-Man, and it’s unclear what he might have planned once that goal is achieved. The villains that the demonic villain has under his thumb are in a much worse position than their DC counterparts, and they can only hope that one day they will finally be freed from his slavery.

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