Spider-Man’s Spectacular First-Person PC Mod May Make You Puke

insomniacs Spider Man is a revelation when it comes to feeling the power and agility of everyone’s favorite wall crawler as it weaves its way across the New York skyline. What if you could actually see the world through Spidey’s eyes while flying over Times Square? A new mod for PC remaster does exactly that, and it’s both spectacular and dizzying to behold.

Officially titled “Spider-Man PC First Person Mod Web Swinging“, the project is the work of a famous GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2 modder Jedijosh920. Earlier this year, he speculated what a first-person mode might look like in Spiderman 2 using PS4 mods. Now that the 2018 PlayStation game is also on PC via the PS5 remaster, it was able to make that dream come true in the original game. Here’s a video he uploaded to YouTube last Friday that shows the superhero roller coaster in action:

I only managed to watch it in 15 second increments before I needed to take a breather and watch something else for a minute. Imagine how Spider-Man must feel!

“Fun Fact: Spider-Man has a power called Superhuman Balance,” reads the top comment. “Well, that looks sickening, and it’s exactly the kind of mod I’ve been waiting for!” reads another. “It’s time to buy the PC version.”

Jedijosh920 released a separate first-person gameplay video Few days ago it’s a little easier to watch. The camera is fixed where Spider-Man’s head would normally be rather than following it as he does 360 turns. It’s not as authentic but still provides an extra rush without the whole stomach turning.

First Person Swinging Web in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Since arriving on Steam, Spider-Man has received a number of other mods from direct memes at comic book fan service. Much blood and sweat has been shed trying to fix Peter Parker’s faceand also make the Spider-Man costume the right shade of red. Now if only modders can find a way to add the so called long lost co-op mode fans dreamed.

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