Spider-Man’s Spider-Signal is finally useful

Spider-Man has a wide range of moves in Marvel’s Avengers, but it’s surprising to see his trusty Spider-Signal appear in major ways.

Marvel’s Avengers – Spider-Man: With Great Power brings together Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and Spider-Man in their final efforts against AIM. Although the Hero event is only narrated in existing content, the game offers PlayStation players the option of playing a new version of the wall-crawler. Not only is his style and script slightly altered from the comics and movies, but his abilities also remain firmly tied to the character’s story. Along with webs, these skills also include innovative gadgets spanning the character’s long history of scientific creations.

Players new to Spider-Man will find that many of his abilities focus on his creativity in combat mixed with his genius-level intellect to create offensive and defensive technologies. An example of this is the Spider-Drone, which gives Spidey an eye in the sky to rain web blasts and health. Another feature that starts and branches off from the drone uses a tool barely seen in the character’s story: the Spider-Signal.

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In the comics, the signal works as a tool for intimidation. When Spider-Man gets the drop on enemies, he shines an overlaid image of his face from his belt onto the floor or wall. The desired effect is that criminals will be surprised and give up or become careless if they fight. Although it functions like the Bat-Signal, the tool is used more actively and is never used to summon the hero. However, as the web-slinger became more popular, its signal received less attention until it eventually fell into obscurity.

The signal first appears in the game with the Spider-Drone. While the player is fighting, the drone will offer cover fire until they are called back or instructed to patrol an area. If a player chooses the patrol option, the Spider-Signal will glow on the ground, marking the location of the drone. It’s a nifty way for players to visually control the battle without yelling commands and without keeping an eye on the drone. However, the signal eventually becomes an even more useful tool as players explore the character’s skill tree.

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The Spider-Signal plays again in Ultimate Heroic, Spider-Man’s Wrecking Ball. With this ability, Spider-Man creates a huge ball of web that falls on the enemy with great force, tying them up. By equipping the Spider-Signal, players have the option of helping other teammates by flashing Spidey’s trusty signal before he slams the ball into the ground, creating debuff for all affected enemies. Any defeated enemy will automatically drop a regeneration pack with the debuff enabled. Any teammate can use these packs to regain some health, which makes them a great asset on the field.

While the mystique surrounding Spider-Man is lost to his enemies in the current comics, Marvel’s Avengers uses conversations to show that this version of the character is still new to the fight against crime. As a result, the signal still matters as it can scare off thugs more easily. The use of the signal is also linked to the books by integrating it into basic combat, thanks to the Spider-Drone. Better yet, it makes the signal useful and, for some versions, an essential asset for their version of the wall-crawler.

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